Let Me Transform You!

Let Me Transform You!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Taylor, and I love my job! I am a makeup artist and photographer who works full-time with transgender women across the gender spectrum at my studio in LGBT-friendly Takoma Park, MD, minutes from Washington, DC. I offer full male-to-female transformation dressing, makeup, and photography services along with feminine coaching. My website contains lots of resources including my portfolio and latest work, upcoming events, and other trans-friendly service providers.

The Makeover Experience

I want to share with you how I treat makeovers, photography, and your experience with me. When you arrive, I greet you and get you settled in, and we talk about what you’re looking for in your makeover and photo-shoot. I listen to what you have to say and make suggestions on how we can achieve the overall image you’d like to project. And then we’ll have a look at clothing, wigs, and whatever else you brought.

I love getting to know my clients personally and sharing our experiences with each other. Making new friends is one the best parts of my job. And I love helping my clients make new friends with other crossdressers, trans-women, and allies both at outings I schedule and other trans-friendly events. That being said, I want my closeted clients to leave closeted so I’m just as thorough with protecting your privacy. I want you to look and feel beautiful, confident and pampered. To being fabulous, ladies!

Is this your first makeover?

Lots of girls come to me with little to no experience with dressing. Some have lots of clothes while others have none. I have everything you need to transform from a male to female presentation: wigs, shoes, bras, breastforms, clothings, shapewear, jewelry, accessories, makeup, etc. I have clothes from size 6 to size 4X and shoes form size 8 to size 15. I just ask that you bring nylons/stockings/garter belts if you’d like to wear legwear other than opaque tights and bring your shaving kit so you can get a fresh beard shave.

1. For your first package, I recommend the 3-hour or 4-hour Total Makeover so you can see how you look in femme mode. Then you’ll have time to enjoy the experience with either a 45-minute or 105-min photo shoot or, if you prefer, girl chat or feminine deportment training. This will help you build your confidence and learn more about how you like to express your femininity.

2. For your next package, I recommend a 5-hour or 6-hour Total Makeover and Outing so you can try another look, pose for more photos, and experience interacting with others in a public setting. Now that you know you can happily conquer the outside world, you’ll want to be able to have the skills to do this on your own…

3. So you’ll want to book a 2- to 3- hour makeup lesson. At the makeup lesson, you can learn anything from a simple daytime-to-evening makeup look to a more complex, evening/club eye looks and more advanced contouring if you like. I do the makeup on half your face and you apply it on the other for kinesthetic/hands-on and audio learners. I include written, step-by-step makeup notes that I created for those who love procedure and order. I also have a face map where we can draw your look in your colors if you are more visually/spatially oriented. I have makeup and skin care available for purchase including kits.

Optional: At any point, feel free to add on feminine deportment training where we focus on your feminine movements for an entire hour. Otherwise, I can integrate tips into our other sessions.

4. After your first outing, you’ll likely want to build your feminine wardrobe so you can go out on your own. Shopping is always more fun with a friend so take me along for a good time and to help you find the sizes, styles and looks that fit your personality and body type. Book a 5-hour or 6-hour Total Makeover and Outing and I’ll do your makeup first and you can use my studio wardrobe for our shopping adventure. Or book my 3-hour Shopping Companion Package and arrive in femme or in boy mode ready to shop. If you choose to shop in boy mode, I’ll pack girl items like breast forms, bra, shape wear, heels, and a wig to discreetly bring with us to try on in a dressing room. I’ll help you select items that you like and work with the sales associates on your behalf. If you’re wig shopping, I definitely suggest going with your makeup done. It’s so much easier to tell whether a wig is flattering when you have your face feminized with makeup.

Feel free to come back for more Total Makeovers and Photoshoots to show off your wardrobe, play with the studio wardrobe, and try out new makeup looks. Get a Makeup Makeover before a night out or before a shopping trip with a friend. I’m here to support you and help you connect with our community. 🙂

How to Book your Appointment

Schedule your appointment online today. Select a base package and any add-ons and then you can view my availability in real time. Book your appointment with a 50% deposit (67% deposit for fantasy sessions) using your credit card or debit card with Square.

Makeover Menu

Book Online:

Square is the default method for making your deposit when you book online. If you’re not comfortable with making a deposit using a credit card or debit card on my booking website, you can book with a money order via postal mail. If you with to use PayPal or Venmo, please contact me by email at

To book with a money order, please confirm appointment availability online & with me by email and then send the USPS money order with tracking info to the address I provide you. Send me the tracking info. After I confirm the tracking info, I’ll book the appointment for you at my end. You’ll receive a confirmation email with my exact address and further details. Be sure to include your female name and the date and time of your appointment.

More Questions?

My website contains lots of resources including my portfolio and latest work, upcoming events, and links to other trans-friendly service providers. Also be sure to check out my makeover menu at to see my detailed list of offerings and pricing. If you’ve still got questions, drop me an email at or call me at 202-803-3231. Talk soon!

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My booking site had issues accepting deposits via Square this past week. The issue has been resolved. I hope to see you soon! Book now at

Full Slate Payment Issues Resolved

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Melanie asked for a natural makeup look with neutral, skin-tone eyeshadows and a soft, natural lip color. We used MAC eyeshadows in Brule, Arena, and Texture with a medium brown Kohl eyeliner in Costa Riche on her upper lid. For her lips, we used a MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Sultriness over a clear lip primer, skipping lip liner in favor of a softer look.

Melanie chose three dresses and wigs from my wardrobe for her main photos. Her hair choices included the Cameron from Rene of Paris, the Jackson from Noriko, and the Robin from Noriko. She wanted a casual, mainstream look for her outing so we switched over to blue jeans, a black blouse, and a black leather jacket paired with black booties and the Cameron bob. We went for a casual walk in downtown Takoma Park, passing guests enjoying restaurant meals outdoors.

Check out Melanie’s images. Which look is your favorite?

Makeup, photography, and wardrobing by Elizabeth Taylor

Book your total makeover, photoshoot, and outing experience online at Beth’s studio is located in Takoma Park, Maryland near the I-95/I-495 interchange north of Washington, DC. She regularly sees clients for MtF transformations from Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina.


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A Traditional Bride

A Traditional Bride

Kuhu came to me for bridal photos in a traditional Indian saree. Her fiancée joined her and helped Kuhu with draping her saree perfectly and coached her on poses she should do to show off the striking gown. For the eyeshadow, we used shades of gold to play off the gold accents in the saree.

We got lucky with mild weather and were able to shoot outdoors in the spring garden with the azaleas in full bloom. We started our makeover session early enough in the day to get images during the “hour of magic” shortly before sunset and as the sun faded away.

Here’s what Kuhu has to say:

“Hi I am Kuhu. I am a non-binary trans person. I have been out for more than 2 years now. I am so glad that I finally took the courage to live my life in an authentic way. Being a woman truly makes me happy, calm and content. Thank you Beth for capturing these beautiful moments of my feminine side and expression with her makeup and photography skills.” Kuhu invites you to follow her on Instagram at @kuhus.diaries

Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Wardrobing and styling by Kuhu

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A Dream Come True for Michaela Lee

A Dream Come True for Michaela Lee

Michaela Lee pampered herself with her first makeover after years of dreaming of time in girl mode. Now she’s joined the DC Trans Ladies Meetup group and hopes to make it to a soiree next year.

“When I arrived, I was nervous having never done this before. Beth is very understanding and made me comfortable,” Michaela Lee said in her online review. “By the time the photo session started, I was so elated with my makeover, I could not stop beaming and smiling! I cannot wait to return! This is the most fun and rewarding experience I have had in a long time.”

Book your total makeover and photoshoot with Elizabeth Taylor today at her makeover menu. Beth has seen clients from teenagers to 80-something though minors must be accompanied by a parent. She sees clients at her private makeover studio in Takoma Park, Maryland, which is located just a mile from Washington, DC and 15 minutes by car from the I-495/I-95 interchange near College Park, MD.

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Nikki Rose, A Country Girl

Nikki Rose, A Country Girl

Nikki and I had so much fun at her four hour total makeover and photoshoot. She brought her own outfits and wig, and we listened to country music. She showed me inspiration photos for makeup on her iPhone and texted me the three best ones so that we could create just the look she was going for from my makeup kit. We took photos in my backyard and in my photo studio against an exposed brick wall.

From Nikki: “Hi, my name is Nikki. I’m a part-time girl! I love to spend my free time in girl mode and have been for the past six years. I’m 23-years-old and slowly becoming more confident in my feminine self. And now that I know what I could look like courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor, I have the upmost confidence I can perfect my girl mode.” Nikki is on Instagram and invites you to follow her at @nikki_rose_24.

My makeover studio is located in Takoma Park, Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic United States. I regularly see clients from Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and North Carolina along with clients from throughout the US and the world. Book your own total makeover and photoshoot anytime online at

Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Wardrobing by Nikki Rose

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It’s party time! Join the DC Trans Ladies for our Fall Soiree in Bethesda, Oct. 15!

It’s party time! Join the DC Trans Ladies for our Fall Soiree in Bethesda, Oct. 15!

Hi ladies! I know you all have been asking for another event so I’m excited to announce that the Bethesdan Hotel has reopened their restaurant and is eager to have us return for our signature Soiree! So assemble your favorite fall outfit (boots anyone?) and join us at our Fall Soiree in bustling downtown Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday, October 15! We will be having dinner at 7 p.m. and hanging out at the bar, lounge, and restaurant areas ’til the bar closes around 11 pm. Crash at the hotel, and be sure to book using our discounted group rate of $119.

The Bethesdan Hotel hosted the DC Trans Ladies at the Saint Patrick’s Day Soiree in 2019.

At our signature soirees, we invite trans-women, their partners, and friends to socialize, network, and relax. We encourage new girls to come out to help boost their confidence and garner tips from those more experienced. And of course, we love having our regulars come out too!

If you haven’t joined the DC Trans Ladies Meetup group yet, this would be a great time to do so if you are a trans-woman, an MtF crossdresser, or genderfluid! (Men are not accepted as members but are welcome at events as guests of members.) We have active members from their twenties into their seventies, and we’d love to have you join us.

If you’re not feeling ready for girl mode in public, you are still welcome to attend in guy mode. Upon arrival, introduce yourself as a member to the hosts, and we will welcome you warmly. Please consider joining us at the Soiree Dinner in the hotel’s dining room. It is an opportunity to sit with your sisters and get to know them.

RSVP to the Soiree dinner here:

RSVP to the post-dinner Soiree here:

The Bethesdan hotel staff is delighted to have us, and to demonstrate their appreciation they’ve set up a special room rate of $119/night and discounted event parking. Visit the Meetup events, above, for the booking link and to check out all the event details.

If you’re looking to get your Soiree makeup professionally applied, I will be offering makeup makeovers at my studio in Takoma Park, MD.

Bring your smartphones and cameras, and take pics to share on our meetup site.

We look forward to seeing you all at our Fall Soiree!


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Meet Sabrina!

Meet Sabrina!

Sabrina and I had a great time at her makeover and photoshoot this weekend. She brought two outfits: a red, shoulder-baring blouse with shiny, black leggings and a black, crop top paired with a long, black skirt with leg-flaunting slits.

She selected deep, red eye shadows from the MAC Flameboyant Palette and a vivid, orange lipstick to pair with her red blouse. For hair, she started with her natural hair. Then she tried on several wigs before settling on an ombré-auburn, long, curly wig from Joi Wigs in Springfield, Virginia.

Sabrina is a dedicated athlete and a repeat client.

Makeup and Photography by Elizabeth Taylor


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Meet Bethany!

Meet Bethany!

Check out Bethany! Bethany enjoyed a total makeover and photoshoot at Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor. She chose two outfits from the studio wardrobe and a gray dress of her own that she paired with three studio wigs. Neutral, brown eyeshadows and a bold, red lip gave her a classic, timeless look. Bethany’s looks range from sophisticated to clubby to the girl-next-door. Which one is your favorite?

Makeup Artist and Photographer: Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Wardrobing by Elizabeth Anne Taylor and Bethany

Book your total makeover and photoshoot online today. Browse the makeover menu here. Beth’s studio is located in Takoma Park, Maryland near I-95, I-495, and Washington, DC. Her makeover studio is in easy driving distance from many locations in Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

A brunette woman wears a form-fitting red and black dress with black heels. She is standing and looking toward the camera.
Bethany looks poised and elegant.
A brunette woman wears a form-fitting red and black dress with black heels. She is standing and looking away from the camera.
Who does she see?
A brunette woman wears a form-fitting red top. She is standing outdoors and looking away from the camera. Green foliage is in the background.
What’s Bethany thinking about?
A brunette woman wears a form-fitting red and black dress with black heels. She is leaning against a tall post with a lush, green yard behind her.
Bethany looks at home in the outdoors.
A brunette woman wears a form-fitting red and black dress with black heels. She is standing next to a tall post with a lush, green yard behind her.
Bethany tries out a short, sequined club dress.
Killer legs!
Wow! Bethany’s red lipstick really pops with this dress.
Bethany twirls in her princess-cut dress.
She looks so peaceful.
What a great smile!

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Join us for the DC Trans Ladies’ Spring Soiree in Arlington, VA on April 23!

Join us for the DC Trans Ladies’ Spring Soiree in Arlington, VA on April 23!

Greeting ladies! Join the DC Trans Ladies Meetup group once again at Samuel Beckett’s, an Irish gastropub in Shirlington, Virginia for our spring Soiree event. Dress up to impress with your favorite flirty, spring dress or a similar chic ensemble, perhaps complimented with a new purse or other accent accessory to lend sparkle to the night. And you can savor Irish-themed food and drink offered by the establishment while socializing with friends.

The Sam Beckett’s management is excited to host our 4th event. We’ve had about 50 guests at our first two affairs with a smaller crowd at the holiday party. Beckett’s has an intimate atmosphere yet they can accommodate up to 70 of us!

As was the case last time, we will be getting separate checks and ordering off their standard dinner menu. Price range is moderate. Check out a typical dinner menu here:

To attend the Spring Soiree, please join the DC Trans Ladies Meetup and RSVP to the spring soiree there. The soiree is from 7-11:30 p.m. Although the event states an end time of 11:30PM this is not a hard limit since Beckett’s is usually open to as late as 1 a.m. Everyone is free to mingle and chat after 11:30 — and we definitely hope you do!

Significant others are welcome! Please be sure to include them as your +1 when you RSVP. Please RSVP soonest as we need to update the venue with our numbers one week prior to the event.

We want to reinforce the goodwill produced at our first three events so we expect everyone to wear attire appropriate for a mainstream space. No fetish wear, please.

Shirlington has extensive, free, garage parking on weekends and evenings. Our preferred parking facility is the Quincy St. Garage at 2901 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA 22206. There’s a staircase to Randolph Street on the NW corner of the garage. This garage is just a two minute walk to the pub and has ample parking on all levels.

Drop-off Location & Entrance
The entrance to Sam Beckett’s is located on Campbell Street across from the Peet’s Coffee even though the address is 2800 S Randolph St. If you are getting dropped off, please use 4150 Campbell Avenue for closer access to the front door.

Feeling nervous?
If you’d like someone to meet you at your car and walk in with you, no problem! Just text Beth, and she (or another guest) will come out to walk you in and introduce you to the other ladies.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Shirlington has rooms available from $140 and up. We don’t have any special rate negotiated so be sure to check out your discount options online when you book, e.g. use hotel chain points, AAA membership discounts, etc. It’s just a two minute walk from the hotel to the pub! Hotel website:

COVID-19 Guidance
It would be prudent to bring a face mask for use outside or inside the restaurant as needed. Stay home if you’re feeling ill. Michelle and Beth have been fully vaccinated and anticipate that most of our guests will be too.

Makeup Artist
Elizabeth Taylor has one makeup makeover slot available on April 23 at 2 p.m. at her studio in Takoma Park, MD. You can book online at her makeover menu.

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Missy: Off to Never Never Land

Missy: Off to Never Never Land

Melissa arrived decked out in daytime makeup and leather after spending the day strolling around Crystal City. We readily agreed to rock out to a Metallica playlist, kicking off with “Enter Sandman.” We updated her makeup to a dramatic smokey eye and MAC’s “Sin” colored lipstick for a nighttime vibe for heading to Freddie’s Beach Bar. In addition to standard studio shots with a gray background, Missy wanted some rocker chick pics against the brick wall. We looked up ideas online and one with blue side-lighting caught her eye. After some lighting experimentation, we captured the backstage look she was going for.

Photography: Elizabeth Taylor

Makeup Artistry: Missy with updates by Elizabeth Taylor

Wardrobe: Missy with assistance by Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor offers total makeovers, makeup artistry, photography, male-to-female transformations, feminine coaching, accompanied outings, and more at her private studio in Takoma Park, Maryland. She works with transgender women, mtf crossdressers, and femme-presenting genderfluid people. Check out her makeover menu and book online here.

Missy arrives backstage
Check out Missy’s blue eyes.
Rocking the Affliction t-shirt and baring those shoulders
Now that looks like joy!
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