Core Values

My Core Values


  • Authenticity: I love to be able to be honest about who I am while continuing to explore and learn more about myself. I want to create an environment of authenticity and acceptance for my clients as well, especially as it relates to exploring their gender identities.
  • Rewarding Relationships: I’m a big believer in friendships and community. I love helping girls get introduced to other trans-ladies and allies in a comfortable environment where they can learn from each other and develop friendships and a support network.
  • Diversity: I love how diverse our transgender community is and appreciate trans-women in all their flavors! I love having parties and events that bring people together from all across the LGBT and allied community.
  • Passion: I’m passionate about life, my work, and people, and others see this passion flow from me.
  • Warmth: I love bringing happiness and acceptance to my clients and creating a non-judgmental, welcoming, hospitable experience.
  • Fun: Part-ay! I love hosting and attending parties and outings. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I host themed parties for trans-women and allies, typically themed around wine or holidays. And don’t forget the girl talk during our makeovers!

My Goals

  • Provide crossdressers and trans-women the skills, tools, and confidence to express their beauty and femininity
  • Create a relaxed, authentic environment for crossdressers and trans-women to express themselves both in my makeover studio and at my themed parties
  • Increase awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of crossdressers and trans-women
  • Live by my core values while running my own business and changing the world around me

As a makeup artist and photographer who works primarily with the crossdresser and trans-women community, I believe I can change women’s lives for the better. I love seeing the huge smile on the girls’ faces as they look in the mirror after fastening their corsets, donning feminine attire, adjusting their wig, and having their makeup applied. I love encouraging them to look stunning for the camera, to embrace who they are including their beauty, and to embrace the many beautiful and positive feminine traits that they have.


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