bethiecard1As a makeup artist and photographer who works primarily with the cross-dresser and trans-women community, I believe I can change women’s lives for the better. I love seeing the huge smile on the girls’ faces as they look in the mirror and review their photographs. I love encouraging them to look stunning for the camera and to embrace who they are including their many beautiful and positive feminine traits.

I love getting to know my clients personally and sharing our experiences with each other. Making new friends is one the best parts of my job. And I love helping my clients make new friends with other crossdressers, trans-women, and allies at trans-friendly venues and events. That being said, I want my closeted clients to leave closeted so I’m just as thorough with protecting your privacy. I want you to look and feel beautiful, confident and pampered.

To being fabulous, ladies!

Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor


6 responses to “Bio

  1. bobbie

    May 19, 2016 at 9:19 am

    I chatted with Elizabeth this morning and she was very helpful in giving me information and critiquing my last makeover, she is definitely here to help others, she obviously is there when you need her, I know this because our chat started at 8am this morning and her business hours are far from that. Thank you again for your time and information. If I am in the area I will definitely make an appointment.


  2. Beccah

    December 30, 2015 at 7:08 am

    I love what you do, Beth. Thank you for helping others, who wish they were born the way we were, blossom into the person they’ve always been inside. Your work brings happy tears to my eyes and I hope to do something similar one day. Much love, Sister!



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