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Melanie asked for a natural makeup look with neutral, skin-tone eyeshadows and a soft, natural lip color. We used MAC eyeshadows in Brule, Arena, and Texture with a medium brown Kohl eyeliner in Costa Riche on her upper lid. For her lips, we used a MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in Sultriness over a clear lip primer, skipping lip liner in favor of a softer look.

Melanie chose three dresses and wigs from my wardrobe for her main photos. Her hair choices included the Cameron from Rene of Paris, the Jackson from Noriko, and the Robin from Noriko. She wanted a casual, mainstream look for her outing so we switched over to blue jeans, a black blouse, and a black leather jacket paired with black booties and the Cameron bob. We went for a casual walk in downtown Takoma Park, passing guests enjoying restaurant meals outdoors.

Check out Melanie’s images. Which look is your favorite?

Makeup, photography, and wardrobing by Elizabeth Taylor

Book your total makeover, photoshoot, and outing experience online at Beth’s studio is located in Takoma Park, Maryland near the I-95/I-495 interchange north of Washington, DC. She regularly sees clients for MtF transformations from Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina.


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A Traditional Bride

A Traditional Bride

Kuhu came to me for bridal photos in a traditional Indian saree. Her fiancée joined her and helped Kuhu with draping her saree perfectly and coached her on poses she should do to show off the striking gown. For the eyeshadow, we used shades of gold to play off the gold accents in the saree.

We got lucky with mild weather and were able to shoot outdoors in the spring garden with the azaleas in full bloom. We started our makeover session early enough in the day to get images during the “hour of magic” shortly before sunset and as the sun faded away.

Here’s what Kuhu has to say:

“Hi I am Kuhu. I am a non-binary trans person. I have been out for more than 2 years now. I am so glad that I finally took the courage to live my life in an authentic way. Being a woman truly makes me happy, calm and content. Thank you Beth for capturing these beautiful moments of my feminine side and expression with her makeup and photography skills.” Kuhu invites you to follow her on Instagram at @kuhus.diaries

Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Wardrobing and styling by Kuhu

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Jasmine Rocks!

Jasmine Rocks!

Jasmine decided to play to her punk rock side today during our makeover. We listened to 2000s hard rock music and took “backstage” photos in my studio.

Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Taylor. Wardrobing by Jasmine assisted by Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor offers total makeovers, makeup artistry, photography, male-to-female transformations, feminine coaching, accompanied outings, and more at her private studio in Takoma Park, Maryland. She works with transgender women, mtf crossdressers, and femme-presenting genderfluid people. Check out her makeover menu and book online here.

Girl in pink bodysuit, black flare skirt, black fishnets, and black leather high heel boots leans against a brick wall while holding a purse. A blue light illuminates her from the upper, rear left.
Channeling that rockstar feel today…
Girl in pink bodysuit plays with her long, wavy hair with her right hand with painted red nails. A blue light illuminates her hair from the rear left.
Check out Jasmine’s hair! Wow!
Girl in pink bodysuit, black flare skirt, black fishnets, and black leather high heel boots bends over with purse in hand near a brick wall. A blue light illuminates her from the upper, rear left.
Jasmine reaches down to retrieve her purse.
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Leilani Rocks her Fetish Look!

Leilani had her first makeover ever this week and absolutely loved it! We designed her look for going out from head-to-toe from my wigs and makeup and Leilani’s adventurous clothing and shoes. We loved the second outfit with the thigh high boots, animal print skirt, and see through top with pink bra peeking through. In fact, I encouraged her to embrace her look and go out to Freddie’s Beach Bar dressed in this slutty style instead of her more conservative dress. When we arrived at Freddie’s, the other guests’ responses were immediate and overwhelmingly positive! They loved Leilani’s look so much that they complimented her and requested photographs with her. Now that’s a successful outing to Freddie’s, my favorite neighborhood LGBT bar!


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