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I have been following your work on Facebook and your website and absolutely love it! I would like to spend a whole day just being me. I’d love to get a makeover and take photos. Then I want to get out and do everyday things like shopping, browsing museums, dining and clubbing. Maybe we can throw in an outfit change or two and change over from daytime to evening makeup.

And I’d love to meet up with other trans-women during my stay and form friendships with other people like me. I don’t feel comfortable going out as a woman where I live, because I’m afraid I’ll be recognized and the trans-community is not well-established where I live. I’ll probably need to stay overnight since I’m coming from out-of-state. Where should I stay? What package do you suggest? Can you make this happen, Beth? (Adapted from several recent messages I received)

-I just want to be me


Hi I just want to be me,

It sounds like you have quite the full itinerary in mind! To get in most of the fun you propose, I suggest the 12-hour Total Makeover with Full Day Immersion package. We’ll meet at my Takoma Park, MD, makeover studio around noon. We’ll spend about 3 to 4 hrs on selecting your outfits for the day, applying makeup, and shooting photos. Feel free to bring several outfits, wigs, shoes, accessories, etc. that we can choose from throughout the day for our photos and outings. We can always mix and match from your collection and mine. After that, we will start exploring the DC metro area based on your interests and desires.

Shopping: What are you interested in shopping for? If you’d like to shop for clothing or shoes, what sizes fit you best and what styles and pieces interest you? Tyson’s Corner Center is the best mall in the area and has terrific clothing options in a variety of sizes and styles. Georgetown in Northwest DC and Old Town Alexandria in Virginia are great for a combination of window and casual shopping, walking along the waterfront, and feeling like you stepped into a piece of history. Plus Georgetown and Alexandria have great photo opportunities for casual, on-location iPhone pictures. Georgetown is best for days with mild weather since everything is outdoors with limited shade. Alexandria has more shade options and easier parking than Georgetown.

If you’re looking to purchase a high quality wig, Joi Wigs in Springfield, Virginia offers an extensive selection with excellent customer service in a semi-private to private setting. They also offer wig styling, setting, stretching, and reconditioning. We need to make an advance appointment to visit Joi Wigs, and weekdays are the best time since their Saturdays are swamped. Expect to spend at least $250 to $450 for a quality synthetic wig; human hair wigs are also available at a higher price point.

Museums: If you’re looking to visit the Smithsonian museums, most of them close at 5:30 p.m. while the Portrait Gallery closes at 7 p.m. and the National Gallery of Art closes at 5 p.m. So we may want to meet earlier than noon if that’s the case. The private Spy Museum is a super fun, interactive experience and is open til 6-7 p.m. depending on the day. Paid tickets are required to the Spy Museum. We should allow about 30 minutes driving time from my studio to any of these museums plus 15 minutes for parking and walking to them. Parking fees can easily be $25 or more for downtown locations.

Dining & Meeting up with other TG women: The Washington, DC Metro Area has lots of options for food from casual to fine dining and everything in-between. Some of my personal favorites include Roscoe’s Pizzeria in Takoma Park, Busboys and Poets in Takoma DC, wine bars like Barcelona Wine Bar in DC, and the LGBT karaoke bar, Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington, VA. Let me know what kind of food, atmosphere, and price range you’re looking for and I’ll propose some options. Dinner and drinks present a perfect opportunity to meet up with other TG women, whom I can invite via the DC Trans Ladies Meetup Group.

Clubbing: For lounges and clubs, we have several LGBT venues such as Nellie’s, A League of her Own, Pitchers, Green Lantern, and Freddie’s Beach Bar. Nellie’s is a sports bar located in Shaw in Northwest DC. They have dancing on weekends. A League of her Own and Pitchers are co-located sports bars in Adams Morgan in Northwest DC and pretty casual. They offer weekend dance parties. Green Lantern tends to attract more of the male LGBT crowd. Freddie’s is pretty casual and more karaoke lounge and bar than a club. The place(s) we choose totally depends on what you’re into and the night of the week. Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights for dancing while Thursdays and Fridays are the best nights for Freddie’s Beach Bar. Freddie’s hosts a drag show on Saturdays that takes up the whole venue so we’d need to make reservations in advance for that; mingling with others won’t be possible until after the show.

Wow! Now that’s a lot of fun to try to accomplish in one day, so we will have to prioritize your interests so you have the best time possible. Just let me know what kind of fun you want to have, and I will work to make it happen.

Now for some logistics:

Lodging: The closest hotels to me are located in Silver Spring and College Park, MD. The Hampton Inn and Marriott in College Park and the Doubletree in Silver Spring are all 15-20 minutes from my studio and popular with clients. Takoma Park has two basic motels, The Red Carpet Inn, and Quality Inn, on New Hampshire Avenue that are quite convenient to my studio. They feature motel rooms that open directly onto the parking lot.

Transportation & Expenses: You’ll be responsible for any taxis, Ubers, and parking fees. I am happy to drive us once you’ve arrived at my studio until we return. You’ll be responsible for covering meals, drinks, and cover charges for the two of us.

Booking: To view my availability and book online, visit  For a 12-hour session, you will be my only client for the day, and we can adjust your start and end times to best reflect the activities that are important to you. If you aren’t seeing any 12-hour openings on my calendar, contact me with the dates you’re interested in so I can confirm availability.

Well, I hope that gives you something to think about. Let me know what questions you have for me.

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Serving transgender women and crossdressers in the Washington, DC Metro Area


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