Elizabeth Taylor’s People: A Photo Book about Transgender Women

Elizabeth Taylor’s People

Photo Book with Forward and Photographs by Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Freddie's Beach Bar OpenerI love transgender women. I’m fascinated by their combination of male and female traits and by the lengths they go to live as they wish. I have worked with hundreds of trans-women, applying their makeup, helping them dress, and taking their photographs. While each person is unique, themes have emerged: strained relationships with loved ones, secret storage units and mailing addresses for their femme side, dressing only while on travel, getting ready in their cars, and, above all else, secrecy. Meanwhile, many have formed vibrant friendships and are actively involved in the trans-community. The majority of my friends are transgender women. I want to tell the story of these beautiful and courageous women.

After retiring in 2012, Erica Fremont began to explore her female side at male-to-female transformation studios nationwide. Since her first shy days at my studio in summer 2013, she has become an outgoing, fun-loving woman who organizes events to Freddie’s Beach Bar – a venue that mirrors Erica’s personality. She enjoys the pampering of a professional makeover but does her own makeup most of the time. She is transitioning to live as Erica full-time.

Alisha Edward is thrilled to be alive! And she will let you know that at the top of her lungs at least once a night and usually more often. After surviving prostate cancer, she had her first makeover in spring 2015 and quickly became involved in our social group. Since her wife has generally tried to avoid Alisha’s girl side, Alisha gets ready in her “changing wagon,” a cargo van fitted out for her male-to-female transformation. She has come out as a transgender woman to a few people and is trying to determine the way forward.

Jizzelle la Creme loves to flirt with excess. She’s partial to custom corsets that give her natural cleavage, six-inch tall heels, and gorgeous makeup. She enjoys both her male and female sides, but her ex-wife could not tolerate her dressing, which led to their divorce. Jizzelle has found a partner who not only tolerates her dressing but loves it – namely me. When I met her in summer 2013, Jizzelle would only go out after dark; by summer 2015, Jizzelle and I routinely took day trips together.

Tracy Lynn loves clothes, makeup, and shopping. Since her wife cannot tolerate her dressing, the true Tracy only comes out while she is on business travel. If you can call it “business” travel: she brings four suitcases full of girl clothes and a small duffel bag of guy stuff. She starts each trip to Washington with a French pedicure, a manicure with no polish, and a body and eyebrow waxing session. Outgoing and approachable, Tracy makes friends everywhere she goes. Tracy travels to DC monthly, and we always have a good time. She has a four-year plan to transition.

Kimberly Moore and I met in summer 2013, and we instantly hit it off. I asked her to model for my website, which she loved. She has taken her modeling to the next level with Model Mayhem and has appeared on mainstream websites. Her wife doesn’t approve of her girl side, so Kimberly often uses her minivan to change. Kimberly is seeing a gender therapist and trying to determine the way forward.

Jamie Lee Henry has overcome enormous obstacles to live authentically as a woman. As an active-duty Army officer and medical doctor, she faced homelessness and imminent discharge due to being transgender. Meanwhile, her wife divorced her and they fought an ugly custody battle in court over their young son. Unexpectedly, Jamie kept her Army commission and her fortunes changed. Jamie has legally, medically, and socially transitioned to living full-time as a female though she has to follow the Army’s male grooming standards. When she and Anna met at work, they quickly fell in love and got married six months later despite Anna’s job relocation keeping them apart. Jamie’s parents reluctantly acknowledge her female identity.

I love these women – they are very much my people. We accept and love each other for who we are. These photographs are my attempt to capture their beauty and strength as they strive to be who they want to be.

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FLASH SALE: Save 10% on all services for 1 hr!

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Dash out the Door with a Daytime Look

My good friend, Kayla Lynn, asked me this morning how to do a quick, dash-out-the-door look suitable for daytime.

Here’s my summary: 1. Neutralize and cover beard shadow 2. Apply foundation 3. Apply mascara 4. Apply blush 5. Apply lip gloss.

Here is my detailed advice

1. You must neutralize and cover any beard shadow. I apply the pink-orange Mehron Creamblend in Lt. Auguste 0.5 with my fingers and cover it with Younique Liquid Concealer in the same shade as foundation stippling with the Younique Liquid Foundation brush.

2. Stipple Younique Liquid Foundation all over your face and areas that have beard shadow coverage using the Younique Liquid Foundation brush.

3. Apply mascara to your lashes working away from the center of the lash line up from the roots. That is, apply mascara to the bottom of top lashes and the top of bottom lashes. Wiggle the brush a little for more volume. Use Younique 3D mascara for a dramatic effect or your mascara of choice for a faster application.

4. Brush on Younique Blusher from the apple of your cheeks to the top of your ear with the Younique cheek brush. I love Sweet and Seductive for an easy, no-fuss look on light to medium complexions. For dark complexions, try Scandalous. Blend.

5. Apply a lip product of your choice. Fastest: Use your existing lip line and apply Younique Lip Gloss in a neutral shade like Luxe.

Shop Younique anytime at 

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Miss May is the Cat’s Meow

Miss May is the Cat’s Meow

Meow! Miss May is back in her kitty attire.

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Miss May Celebrates all Things Girlie

Miss May Celebrates all Things Girlie

Miss May shows off her Navy blue wardrobe and dazzling, one-of-a-kind Shoes of Prey. A girlie-girl through and through, Miss Tracy Lynn loves to shop for shoes, dresses and makeup; pamper herself with manicures, pedicures, and makeup makeovers; and celebrate all her pretty things in photoshoots!

Makeup and photos by Elizabeth Anne Taylor. Book your appointment today.


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Rev up those Engines for Miss April!

Rev up those Engines for Miss April!

Miss April has a thing for vehicles with big engines. Julie loves her shiny, black F-350 pick-up and trains of all types. Let’s give a big welcome to Julie, our Miss April! Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor. Book your makeover and photoshoot online today.


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Miss March Wows with her Retro Glam Look

Miss March Wows with her Retro Glam Look

Miss March shows off her retro, glam look and inspires us with her golden locks of hair. Would you care for a Dr. Pepper while you enjoy her photos?
Featuring Jojo as Miss March. Makeup and Photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor. Book online for your makeover and photoshoot experience.

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The Makeup Brand That Has Everyone Talking!

I love this take on #Younique makeup from a fan who doesn’t sell Younique. I love my Younique and have so much fun with it. You can shop my Younique store anytime at

My Life In Rose Tinted Glasses

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

So I’m guessing most of you would have seen or heard about the new makeup brand thats taking the world by storm & has everyone talking… Younique! Its a rapidly growing cosmetics company, being sold all over by independent presenters (similar to how Avon is sold). They are the first company that almost relies solely on social media to make their sales!! When I first heard of them it was down to their famous fibre lash mascara, I didn’t think much of it at the time so didn’t purchase one until more and more people I know started to sell it. (FYI I’m not a Younique presenter myself, this article is truthful & my own honest opinion!)

Younique boasts that their products are enriching & nourishing on the skin and claim that with the use of science they use only high quality, natural ingredients that are safe & suitable…

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