A Typical Experience

A Makeover with Elizabeth Taylor

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Taylor, and I love my job! I want to share with you how I treat makeovers, photography, and your experience with me.

I greet you, and we talk about what you’re looking for in your makeover and photo-shoot. I listen to what you have to say and make suggestions on how we can achieve the overall image you’d like to project. And then we’ll have a look at clothing, wigs, and whatever else you brought.

I love getting to know my clients personally and sharing our experiences with each other. Making new friends is one the best parts of my job. And I love helping my clients make new friends with other crossdressers, trans-women, and allies both at outings I schedule and other trans-friendly events. That being said, I want my closeted clients to leave closeted so I’m just as thorough with protecting your privacy. I want you to look and feel beautiful, confident and pampered. To being fabulous, ladies!

Here’s how a typical Total Makeover might begin:

Jack transforms into B'Ellana. Jack transforms into B’Ellana. Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Taylor.

I greet you downstairs and welcome you into my makeover studio and home.

“Good morning, I’m Beth. It’s great to meet you! Come on in and let me show you my studio.”

We walk downstairs to my makeover and photo studio. We are surrounded by a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes but there’s plenty of room to lay out your suitcase on the counter and hang up your clothes

“Have a seat. Tell me what you’re looking for today. I see you brought a couple of suitcases. Do you have outfits in mind for today or would you like to pick out some outfits together?”

“Well, I just kind of have a mix of clothes I’ve ordered online. I’m not even sure if I have any complete outfits,” you answer.

“Not a problem,” I say. “Let’s take a look through what you have. We can always mix and match from my wardrobe to create a complete outfit if you like. What kind of looks are you going for?

“I’m not quite sure.”

“Well, are you looking for a daytime, shopping-at-the-mall type look? A classic evening, go-out-to-dinner or cocktail party look? A sexy, club look? A slutty, come get me look?” I offer.

“Well, I’m really looking to be able to go out to a tgirlnation party. I want to fit in but I want people to think I’m hot and want to flirt with me too.”

“Perfect. So let’s go for a sexy, club look. I’d love to see you in a miniskirt and flirty top. Let’s see what you have.”

We sort through your clothes, and I suggest a couple of items that will help complete your look for going out and where you can find them.

“Let me see your wig options,” I say.

“Well, I’ve got these two right here. I love the color on this one, but I’ve never got it to style quite right. This other one has seen better days.”

“No issues. Would you like to try a wig from my selection first? Or we can take a look at your newer wig and see if a good brushing and some styling with hairspray will take this wig where you’d like to go.”

“Let’s try yours first,” you say, since you’d like to see if there’s an easier option to just put on and go with minimal styling.

“Sure thing. What kind of hair length do you like? And curly, wavy, or straight?” I ask to narrow our initial selection.

You respond and I point to three wigs that I think meet your criteria. I try each of them on you. We know the right one when we both like it and you have a huge grin on your face.

“That’s the Revlon Scorpio in Coca-Cola. I have it in two colors since it’s so versatile and easy to wear.”

And so we begin our adventure and transformation!


2 responses to “A Typical Experience

  1. mike2michelle

    April 17, 2015 at 5:07 am

    OMG I would love it very much


  2. Lilly

    November 8, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Wow girl, I think that is a dream come true getting ready to happen….I’ll look into this with all my heart and may schedule an appointment soon.




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