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Schedule your appointment online today. Select a base package and any add-ons and then you can view my availabilities in real time. Book your appointment with a 50% deposit (67% deposit for fantasy sessions) using a credit card or debit card with Square.

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Credit/debit card is the default method for making your deposit when you book online. If you’re not comfortable with making a deposit on my booking website, you can book with a money order via postal mail or contact me to use PayPal or Venmo.

To book with a money order, please confirm appointment availability online & with me by email ( and then send the USPS money order with tracking info to the address I give you via email. Send me the tracking info. After I confirm the tracking info, I’ll book the appointment for you at my end. You’ll receive a confirmation email with my exact address and further details. Be sure to include your female name and the date and time of your appointment in a note to accompany your money order.


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