Lacy Socks

Miss Lacy Socks fancies herself an 18-year-old maid forced to dress as an 8-year-old girl with lacy ankle socks. So I decided to force her to do more things that little girls do like play with dolls! She tells me she had never played with a doll before and she resisted until I told her about Samantha’s back story. A young girl in 1904, American Girl Samantha Parkington befriends a young housemaid, Nellie, and teaches her how to read. Nellie teaches her about life of children who work in factories, and Samantha becomes a young activist like her Aunt Cornelia. Lacy Socks was fascinated with the life of Nellie the maid and was able to overcome her resistance to playing with Samantha.

Key words: age play, BDSM, bondage, crossdresser, fetish crossdresser, mtf transformation, crossdresser dressing services, forced feminization


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