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A Traditional Bride

A Traditional Bride

Kuhu came to me for bridal photos in a traditional Indian saree. Her fiancée joined her and helped Kuhu with draping her saree perfectly and coached her on poses she should do to show off the striking gown. For the eyeshadow, we used shades of gold to play off the gold accents in the saree.

We got lucky with mild weather and were able to shoot outdoors in the spring garden with the azaleas in full bloom. We started our makeover session early enough in the day to get images during the “hour of magic” shortly before sunset and as the sun faded away.

Here’s what Kuhu has to say:

“Hi I am Kuhu. I am a non-binary trans person. I have been out for more than 2 years now. I am so glad that I finally took the courage to live my life in an authentic way. Being a woman truly makes me happy, calm and content. Thank you Beth for capturing these beautiful moments of my feminine side and expression with her makeup and photography skills.” Kuhu invites you to follow her on Instagram at @kuhus.diaries

Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor

Wardrobing and styling by Kuhu

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