One-on-One Makeup Lessons

10 May

I worked with a girl today on a one-on-one makeover. She gets out about one night a month and is looking to get out to lunch more with the girls on her days off work. Since her primary look was an evening one, we focused on creating a softer day look.

She had beautiful blue piercing eyes and fiery reddish hair past her shoulders. She hadn’t tried purple eyeshadows before so we used a combination of the Violet Storm cream eye color and Iris and Crystalline mineral eye color. With her deep set eyes, we applied the Iris only to the outer corner of her eyes while the lighter Violet Storm went on her eyelid and just a touch into her highlight area. With its white sparkly hue, the Crystalline filled in her highlight area and the inner corner of her eye. She applied a dark blue/purple eyeliner to her upper lash line from the middle to the outer edge of her lash line, tapering it off just past the middle of her eye as we worked back toward the center. We worked on mascara next; she prefers only applying mascara to her upper lashes but we modified her technique to have her lift the brush up through her lashes rather than on top of her lashes. She immediately saw how her eye opened up with the natural curl that this mascara technique provided.

She learned another technique for creating her desired brow look–using eye shadow in a color that matches her hair.

We moved on to her facial contours, using Strawberry Cream blush, Desert Sun bronzer, and Pink Porcelain highlight powder to accent her cheeks and soften her face, and Spiced Tea lip liner with Berry Kiss lip stick. 

We moved on to accessorizing with jewelry and taking photos and then she treated me to lunch. We plan to have another makeup lesson and convince other girls to join us out for lunch. 🙂

To being fabulous!

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One response to “One-on-One Makeup Lessons

  1. chatbuddy1987

    May 20, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Wow! I also struggle with eye makeup.
    Applying eye makeup in such a way that it accentuates eyes have not been an easy task for me.
    Loved this post though. Hope you girls had fun. x




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