Kimberly Models her Fall Look

Kimberly Models her Fall Look

Kimberly Moore modeled her fall wardrobe and makeup at my makeover studio this week. She debuted her new Raquel Welch Upstage wig that she purchased at Southern Comfort Conference and showed off three of her fall outfits. I selected an emerald eye shadow palette to create her subtle smokey eye look and a semi-matte dark berry lipstick to create drama. I loved shooting with my new AlienBees studio lighting and white paper background!

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Jaime Enters the Scene at tgirlnation: Bar Rouge

Jaime had a fabulous time socializing with other ladies at tgirlnation: Bar Rouge last Thursday at her first outing ever! She selected a classic makeup look and little black dress to fit into the cocktail party vibe.

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Karen Kendra Holmes: Community-Minded Entrepreneur

Karen Kendra Holmes leads a busy life so I was thrilled she could squeeze in time for a photo-shoot with me for The Platform Magazine, which will be featuring her in an upcoming issue dedicated to women. In addition to her work as a full-time federal employee, Karen serves as a soldier in the Maryland Defense Force and started her own business Safety First DMV, which provides CPR and first-aid training throughout the DC Metro Area. Dedicated to LGBT equality, she serves as a board member for PFLAG DC Metro and served on the board of Equality Maryland. Karen’s fun-loving spirit and positive outlook on life came through in her photo-shoot where we took head-shots for the magazine and some fun photos just because we could.

Taylor-Karen Kendra Holmes-20140912-5160-magazine-mediumsize Taylor-Karen Kendra Holmes-20140912-5167-magazine-mediumsize Taylor-Karen Kendra Holmes-20140912-5191-magazine-mediumsize Taylor-Karen Kendra Holmes-20140912-5256-magazine-mediumsize Taylor-Karen Kendra Holmes-20140912-5278-magazine-mediumsize

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Kimberly Shows off her Summer Look in the Shade

Kimberly Moore shows us beach blonde beauty in the shade of evergreen trees after her latest makeover with Elizabeth Taylor. A dark blue liquid eyeliner added drama to her look while the tangerine lipstick played off the coral blouse and accessories for a fun, summer look. Makeup and photos by Elizabeth Anne Taylor.

Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1593 Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1573
Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1515-2 Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1485 Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1484 Taylor-KimberlyMoore-20140618-1438

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Jamie Stuns with her Expressiveness and Flexibility

Jamie wanted an emo-inspired look but nothing too goth-like. Her gentle temperament and creative personality came out in the photo shoot where she mastered fashion pose after fashion pose while adding her own flair. Jamie wowed me with her ability to maneuver into the most challenging of modeling poses while looking relaxed and gorgeous. Jamie plans to attend an upcoming tgirlnation event at Hotel Bar Rouge.


20140727-Jaime-140727-343220140727-Jaime-140727-348120140727-Jaime-140727-342720140727-Jaime-140727-345720140727-Jaime-140727-349920140727-Jaime-140727-350720140727-Jaime-140727-3476 20140727-Jaime-140727-3436 20140727-Jaime-140727-3419 20140727-Jaime-140727-3454 20140727-Jaime-140727-3428


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Mandy Creates a Whole New Look

Mandy Sherman visited my studio for a makeover and photo shoot in August to pamper herself with a new look during a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. Mandy typically presents as androgynous, somewhere between male and female, but she tells me that she’d prefer to be in femme mode all the time. Since Mandy wanted to try a wig, I French braided Mandy’s long, brown hair and tucked the tail under her braid so her hair would lay flat under the wig. Adorned in the Revlon Scorpio Cherry Cola wig, natural makeup, and clothes from my studio wardrobe, Mandy looked like a whole new girl.

Check out these photos from our makeover, and read her account of our makeover at her blog including her initial reluctance and then delight at wearing a short skirt and high heels.


Taylor-Mandy Sherman-20140809-3698-small

Taylor-Mandy Sherman-20140809-3699-small

Taylor-Mandy Sherman-20140809-3715-small

Taylor-Mandy Sherman-20140809-3729-small

Taylor-Mandy Sherman-20140809-3738-small

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Sarah Smoothes her Skin, Builds her Confidence

Sarah has been struggling with skin issues for the past 30 years, ever since she developed melasma during her pregnancy. When we spoke on the phone, Sarah described patchy dark spots, white scars, and pitting that had taken their toll on her skin texture and appearance. She had been to makeup counters and watched YouTube videos yet hadn’t figured out how to work with her features and create the sun-kissed glow of J Lo that she desired. After finding me in a Google search, Sarah contacted me for a makeup lesson as she loved my work. Highly motivated, Sarah drove two hours each way for her makeup lesson on her day off.

We walked through Sarah’s products to determine which ones matched and would work with both her skin tone and uneven skin. We eliminated the products that didn’t match her skin tone and those that had a lot of luminosity, since shine brings attention to flaws in the skin. Then we set to work creating her matte look using moisturizer, foundation primer, concealer, foundation, creme eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, bronzer, blush, and lipstick.

After we finished her hands-on makeup lesson, Sarah looked stunned at how smooth her skin was with a hint of the bronze glow she craved. She confessed that she hated going to department store makeup counters, because they weren’t private and she didn’t like being on display for people to watch. The one-on-one private makeup lesson with me perfectly fit what she needed, she said.

Sarah, you looked beautiful today when you walked into my studio and you looked gorgeous after your makeup when you glowed with confidence. Keep up the confidence, girl, and rock you!

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor
Makeup Artist and Photographer

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Schedule your Makeover

Schedule your Total Makeover Online Today

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Lexi Heads to the Office and then the Opera in her Two Looks!

Lexi shows off her stunning blue eyes with brown eyeshadows and long eyelashes. Lexi wanted a business look, so she prepared to go to the office in an Ann Taylor jacket, long black skirt, pink blouse and scarf, and a black, leather, Coach briefcase. For her evening at the opera, Lexi donned a black, velvet gown with sheer arms, adorned herself in pearls, and carried a vintage, crystal-studded clutch made in West Germany.

20140629-Lexi-140629-2392 20140629-Lexi-140629-2600

20140629-Lexi-140629-2626 20140629-Lexi-140629-2609

20140629-Lexi-140629-2514 20140629-Lexi-140629-2486 20140629-Lexi-140629-2464 20140629-Lexi-140629-2421

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