Makeup Parties for Trans-Ladies

09 May

I love my girls and helping them look and feel beautiful. I’ve hosted several makeup parties with four to six guests. Two have been specifically for trans-women and allies. We learned about and applied anti-aging skin care, matched foundation shades, covered various hues and intensities of beard shadows, and created a basic makeup look. For cis-girls, many beauty consultants use a “face race” to see who can apply their color the fastest and reward speed.

Speed doesn’t work in my trans-world–in fact, this makeup application process is where I get to do the most teaching. At a recent party, the girls selected one of four different looks, each of which had directions for how to apply the color. I helped the girls choose their looks and get started. One girl had very deep-set eyes and so I recommended skipping the darkest eyeshadow color or just using it on the outermost part of the eyelid. Another girl was super cute and bubbly. She was already wearing a bright pink lipstick that suited her outfit and attitude perfectly, so I encouraged her to keep that as part of her 80s look. She applied the rest of her makeup with relative ease. The third girl is working on a natural look since she is planning to go full-time. She applies her eyeliner impeccably and proudly tells me that she’s been practicing with the help of her sisters. The fourth was totally thrilled that she successfully covered her beard shadow and set to work on a dramatic eye look.

After we all finish, we take fun, silly, and flirty photos in my hallway. I wish I could share them with you all but my girls’ privacy and safety is important. I have a client who recently walked in her neighborhood during the day alone and was quickly taunted with “go to hell” and worse from a passersby. She told me she won’t be walking alone in her neighborhood anytime soon. Less than a month earlier, she walked outside dressed and in makeup for the first time ever (I accompanied her and took photos for her). I felt so proud to be with her as she developed confidence in herself.

I hope I can help change our culture so more people accept and appreciate us for who we are regardless of our gender identity or gender presentation.

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor

“I love giving all women (cis- and trans*) skills, tools, and confidence to express their natural and inner beauty. I seek to provide you with excellent customer service while making you feel pampered and relaxed in a warm and authentic environment. Just tell me if you’d like a one-on-one consultation or a party with friends. I look forward to pampering you soon!”

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