09 Jul

The camera loves Desi!

Makeup artistry and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor. Book your makeover and photoshoot online at

My studio is located in Takoma Park, Maryland adjacent to Washington, DC. Priding itself as LGBT-friendly, Takoma Park boasts several delicious restaurants including Republic, where I’ve hosted dinners for the DC Trans Ladies Meetup. Republic is also a great venue for grabbing drinks or dinner as part of one of my outing packages.

Desi looks down

Desi gazes downward as if waiting to reveal herself.

Desi sits on barstool

Desi knows how to show off her curves.

Desi crosses ankles on barstool

Check out those heels!

Desi stands with hands on hips wearing a blue dress

Desi looks beautiful.

Desi stands and pops out a hip to showcase her curves

Check out Desi’s curves!

Desi stands with hand on one hip

Desi is ready. Are you?

Desi's body faces the back wall. Desi rotates her torso and face toward the camera with hands on her hips..

Desi shows off her legs and curves.

Desi's body faces the back wall. Desi rotates her torso and face toward the camera with her arms at her sides.


A close up portrait of Desi

A portrait of Desi

A close up portrait of Desi with her head leaning back slightly

A portrait of Desi


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3 responses to “Desi

  1. Mike Falkner

    July 16, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Hi Elizabeth!  I absolutely love your posts and the models who you’ve made over.  I am trying to find a weekend to make an appointment but being in the closet makes it very hard. I hesitate to even ask, but do the models you photo ever meet, dressed, with the admirers of your site? Thanks! -M


    • Elizabeth Taylor

      July 16, 2019 at 9:59 am

      Hi Mike, the best time to come meet and flirt as an admirer is at tgirlnation. The next one is July 27 in Ballston in Arlington, VA. Come out and join us then!
      For yourself, I have weekday hours beginning at 1 pm so you could always take an afternoon off work and sneak in a makeover then.
      Either way, I hope to meet you soon!


  2. Crissy

    July 9, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    Desi is absolutely beautiful and looks so comfortable in front of the camera!



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