Cheers to a Girly Weekend!

15 Jul

What a fun weekend! Here’s my weekend in a nutshell: transformation makeover, makeup party, Freddie’s with the girls, makeup makeover outcall, makeup makeover plus dressing tips/assistance, tgirlnation, makeover studio updates, and transformation makeover all from Friday to Sunday. What a blast!

Makeup Party: I absolutely loved my makeup party! All five girls who RSVP’d showed up and practiced their skincare and makeup. One girl came out to an event for the first time ever with the exception of a one-on-one makeover with me. She borrowed an outfit and wig for the party since she’s still waiting for her girly items to arrive.

We went through skin care and beard coverage and then moved on to color application. The girls loved using the Sunny Citrus lipstick to neutralize their beard shadow instead of the yellow concealer that I offer as a less-aggressive option. Once we got to the eyes, I checked each girl’s progress and gave them tips on how to improve their look and complimented their handiwork. The most common problem: Girls would apply eyeshadow or eyeliner only about halfway or 3/4 of the way across their eyelid, skipping the outer corner. Once corrected, the girls caught on. 🙂 We all tried the Lash Love Lengthening Mascara, my new favorite mascara, and my first time demoing it at a party. Next we moved on to blush, bronzer, and highlight power to create the illusion of a round, full cheeks. Finally, we picked out lipstick colors and applied them.

Following snacks, three of us went to Freddie’s Beach Bar to watch karaoke and hang out in a safe, accepting, and comfortable environment. 🙂

tgirlnation: I arrived at tgirlnation quite late at almost 11 p.m. after completing two makeovers to prep girls for the party. 🙂 As soon as I walked in, I saw girls everywhere that I knew! How fun is that! tgirlnation and the DC Trans-Ladies MeetUp group are really starting to feel like a fabulous extended family! As soon I walked in, Brandy, Destiny, and Pamela greeted me and showered me with hugs. Next up, I saw Rhonda and Sarah and that means more big hugs! I love Rhonda’s positive and fun outlook on life. The first time I met her she told me a story about swimming in a lake in full femme attire and losing her wig! I first met Sarah at tgirlnation in March, and I count her as a good friend. 🙂 From there, I saw Lynette and Giselle, both of whom I made over for the event. 🙂 From there, the night turned into a whirlwind of greeting and catching up with friends, acquaintances, and newcomers. So much fun! If you haven’t been to tgirlnation, you should check it out!

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