Makeup Lesson Party this Friday!

10 Jul

Hi ladies! My next makeup lesson party trans-women and allies is this Friday (7/12) in Alexandria, VA. For those who would love to attend but don’t have their own clothes, wigs, shoes, etc., you can borrow them from my collection for the party if you let me know in advance. Let me know if you’d like to attend at!

Makeup Lesson Overview: We’ll go over how to prepare your face with skin care, create a neutral “canvas” including beard shadow and pore size reduction techniques, and build back in beautiful color and feminine dimension. In this post here, I’ll go over skin care, pore size reduction, beard shadow coverage, and creating a neutral canvas to get ready for the fun makeup color!

Skin Care: With skin care, we start with washing the face with a 3-n-1 cleanser–it cleanses, exfoliates, and tones. For those with large pores, we’ll use the microdermabrasion treatment to visibly reduce pore size. Then we apply a 35-SPF day solution to protect your skin followed by moisturizer. Then we dab on firming eye cream using our ring finger. I love this step because the eye cream changes how the light diffuses around my eyes, making me instantly look younger and more awake, plus of course the long-term benefits of minimizing wrinkle formation! Next up is foundation primer. Foundation primer fills in little pits and blemishes on your face, helping it feel super smooth and ready for the foundation to come.

Neutralize the Beard Shadow: Next we want to neutralize any beard shadow. We do this using the color wheel theory of using an opposite color to neutralize the beard shadow. Beard shadow is typically blue to green. I have two techniques that I teach at a makeup party since each person is a little different. I have yellow concealer and orange lipstick (Sunny Citrus) options. The yellow concealer is the more mild approach and works well for lighter color beard shadows and those with ivory or beige skin tones with pink or yellow undertones. I prefer to start with the yellow concealer since it’s designed to conceal and be applied directly to the face. The Sunny Citrus lipstick is the more aggressive approach and works well on those with a darker beard shadow and those who have more olive toned skin. With either method, the concealer or lipstick is dabbed on to the areas of beard shadow including the throat and spread with either one’s fingers or a foundation brush until the beard shadow is neutralized. 

Create a Neutral Canvas: Next, we apply translucent powder to set the beard shadow coverage. Then we use concealer that matches the skin tone in the beard shadow area and on other blemishes. This brings the color of the beard shadow area into balance with the rest of the skin. Then we apply a coat of translucent powder to set the layer. To finish creating a neutral look, we apply liquid foundation in our skin tone to the entire face and throat. The foundation gives the skin a soft, dewy look while smoothing it and creating a beautiful base for the makeup colors to adhere to.

In other posts, I cover various color and contouring techniques. 

To being fabulous, ladies!

Elizabeth Taylor

“I love giving all women (cis- and trans*) the skills, tools, and confidence to express their natural and inner beauty. I seek to provide you with excellent customer service while making you feel pampered and relaxed in a warm and authentic environment. Just tell me if you’d like skin care advice, a makeup lesson, a total makeover, or corset and body shaper fitting and whether you’d like a one-on-one consultation or a party with friends. I look forward to pampering you soon!” ~Elizabeth Taylor~





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2 responses to “Makeup Lesson Party this Friday!

  1. eddiethek

    July 10, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    Looks like fun while learning


    • makeoverswithelizabethtaylor

      July 10, 2013 at 10:27 pm

      Absolutely, eddiethek! We get to socialize while learning. 🙂 Several of us love to go out after my makeup and corset parties such as to Freddie’s Beach Bar in Crystal City. 🙂



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