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Maleficent Laughs and Sneers as She Prepares to Take over Town

Maleficent, aka Diane, laughs and sneers at the blue fairy godmother (me!) from Sleeping Beauty as she prepares for dinner out with friends followed by dancing and drinks at Town Danceboutique and Nellie’s. She selected eye makeup in the style of Disney’s cartoon character Maleficent with intense greens on her lid and deep purples above the crease and well into the highlight area. She selected green mascara and rich fig lipstick with a cappuccino lip liner. To make her face more eery, we selected foundation two shades lighter than her normal skin tone. We used bronzer for contouring and added a vampire-inspired eyeshadow to hollow out the cheeks further.

Diane-Malificent-0065Diane-Malificent-0039Diane-Malificent-0008 Diane-Malificent-0030 Diane-Malificent-0055 Diane-Malificent-0047

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Halloween: The Crossdresser’s Favorite Holiday

It’s the happiest time of the year here in my tgirl world! Halloween is just around the corner with tons of fun opportunities to dress, including a perfect time for many first-timers to debut.

The excitement starts tomorrow, Oct. 26, when the DC Trans Ladies Meetup group heads out in two groups. The Classy DC Sisters will be hitting up four straight bars in Chantilly with their Tour de Force while Diane, dressed as Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, leads the way to Town Danceboutique for a 10:30 p.m. drag show and midnight costume contest. I have two girls coming for makeovers for the big night plus two more girlfriends coming to get ready at my place before we head to meet Diane and friends at Town.

2012-11-01 21.16.29

People show off their costumes at DC’s 2012 High Heel Race.

On Tuesday, we have the DC High Heel Race, where genetic males dress as women, don high heels, and run two blocks while surrounded by throngs of onlookers. Participants include drag queens, gay guys in dresses and other costumes, and trans-women both in dresses and in costumes. What a great opportunity for the closet crossdresser to dress and blend in! I attended last year and loved all the pageantry, excitement, and throngs of onlookers. This year, I’ll be giving a makeover to a client who will be attending the race with me, and she may even decide to run in the race! Then I’m pregaming at a friend’s condo in walking distance of the race before I meet up with my client to walk over together.

Thursday is officially Halloween! I originally had a client who wanted to go out dressed for the first time but she’s had to reschedule due to work. I hope another brave girl will decide to debut on Thursday!

2012-11-01 19.59.24

Three of the 2012 High Heel Race contestants show off their looks.

Saturday I’m hosting my next makeup party where girls can come practice their makeup and create a new look for fall. My makeup party has a waitlist already! I have one guest who hopes to have a total makeover before the party and then attend so she can meet some girls in a safe, laid-back environment. This will be my second official makeup party that I will have in my upstairs studio instead of at my dining room table. The lighting is so much better in the studio than downstairs and all the makeup and skincare is in arms reach.

Happy Halloween and Happy Dressing everyone!


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