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Maleficent Laughs and Sneers as She Prepares to Take over Town

Maleficent, aka Diane, laughs and sneers at the blue fairy godmother (me!) from Sleeping Beauty as she prepares for dinner out with friends followed by dancing and drinks at Town Danceboutique and Nellie’s. She selected eye makeup in the style of Disney’s cartoon character Maleficent with intense greens on her lid and deep purples above the crease and well into the highlight area. She selected green mascara and rich fig lipstick with a cappuccino lip liner. To make her face more eery, we selected foundation two shades lighter than her normal skin tone. We used bronzer for contouring and added a vampire-inspired eyeshadow to hollow out the cheeks further.

Diane-Malificent-0065Diane-Malificent-0039Diane-Malificent-0008 Diane-Malificent-0030 Diane-Malificent-0055 Diane-Malificent-0047

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