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Kandis Arzu-Thompson, Dedicated to Life-long Fitness

Kandis believes in life-long fitness including during pregnancy. In her first pregnancy, she had minimal photos taken, but this time she decided to show other fit women that they could continue training at an intense level including when they are expecting. This photo series only hints at her strength, power, and endurance. Just wait until you see her doing pushups, lunges, and squats!

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Mandy Creates a Whole New Look

Mandy Sherman visited my studio for a makeover and photo shoot in August to pamper herself with a new look during a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. Mandy typically presents as androgynous, somewhere between male and female, but she tells me that she’d prefer to be in femme mode all the time. Since Mandy wanted to try a wig, I French braided Mandy’s long, brown hair and tucked the tail under her braid so her hair would lay flat under the wig. Adorned in the Revlon Scorpio Cherry Cola wig, natural makeup, and clothes from my studio wardrobe, Mandy looked like a whole new girl.

Check out these photos from our makeover, and read her account of our makeover at her blog including her initial reluctance and then delight at wearing a short skirt and high heels.

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