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Ask Beth: I’m new to dressing. What kind of package should I get first?

Question: I’m totally new to dressing in front of anyone else and don’t know if I’ll look good as a woman. What kind of makeover package should I get first? I want a series of makeovers with the goal of being able to go out in public on my own looking good. What do you suggest for a progression, Beth? (adapted from a recent question via email)


Answer: Hi Newbie, No worries. Lots of girls come to me with little to no experience with dressing. Some have lots of clothes while others have none. I have everything you need to transform from a male to female presentation: wigs, shoes, bras, breastforms, clothings, shapewear, jewelry, accessories, makeup, etc. I just ask that you bring nylons/stockings/garter belt if you’d like to wear legwear other than tights and bring your shaving kit so you can get a fresh beard shave.

1. For your first package, I recommend the 3-hour or 4-hour Total Makeover so you can see how you look in femme mode. Then you’ll have time to enjoy the experience with either a 45-minute or 105-min photo shoot or, if you prefer, girl chat or feminine deportment training. This will help you build your confidence and learn more about how you like to express your femininity.

2. For your next package, I recommend a 5-hour or 6-hour Total Makeover and Outing so you can try another look, pose for more photos, and experience interacting with others in a public setting. Now that you know you can happily conquer the outside world, you’ll want to be able to have the skills to do this on your own…

3. So you’ll want to book a 2- to 3- hour makeup lesson. At the 2-hour makeup lesson, you’ll learn a simple daytime-to-evening makeup look using easy-to-apply creme eye shadows and develop your basic skill sets. In the 3-hour makeup lesson, we have more time to explore complex, evening/club eye looks and more advanced contouring if you like. I do the makeup on half your face and you apply it on the other for kinesthetic/hands-on and audio learners. I include written, step-by-step makeup notes that I created for those who love procedure and order. I also have a face map where we can draw your look in your colors if you are more visually/spatially oriented. I have makeup and skin care available for purchase including kits.

Optional: At any point, feel free to add on feminine deportment training where we focus on your feminine movements for an entire hour. Otherwise, I can integrate tips into our other sessions.

I hope this helps, Newbie! See you soon!

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor

Serving the Washington, DC Metro Area




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Sarah Beth, a Southern Girl

Sarah Beth is a good Southern girl complete with pearls and a little black dress. Looks like she’s ready for tailgating at the big game! Makeup, transformation, and photography by Elizabeth Taylor.

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Erica Fremont Shows off her Hot Legs!

Erica Fremont is competing in the "Best Legs" contest for Glamour Boutique USA. Today she had her first makeover and photo-shoot with Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor focused on showcasing her legs!

Erica Fremont is competing in the “Best Legs” contest for Glamour Boutique USA. Today she had her first makeover and photo-shoot with Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor focused on showcasing her legs!


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Jaime Enters the Scene at tgirlnation: Bar Rouge

Jaime had a fabulous time socializing with other ladies at tgirlnation: Bar Rouge last Thursday at her first outing ever! She selected a classic makeup look and little black dress to fit into the cocktail party vibe.


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Jamie Stuns with her Expressiveness and Flexibility

Jamie wanted an emo-inspired look but nothing too goth-like. Her gentle temperament and creative personality came out in the photo shoot where she mastered fashion pose after fashion pose while adding her own flair. Jamie wowed me with her ability to maneuver into the most challenging of modeling poses while looking relaxed and gorgeous. Jamie plans to attend an upcoming tgirlnation event at Hotel Bar Rouge.


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