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Makeup Lesson Party this Friday!

Hi ladies! My next makeup lesson party trans-women and allies is this Friday (7/12) in Alexandria, VA. For those who would love to attend but don’t have their own clothes, wigs, shoes, etc., you can borrow them from my collection for the party if you let me know in advance. Let me know if you’d like to attend at!

Makeup Lesson Overview: We’ll go over how to prepare your face with skin care, create a neutral “canvas” including beard shadow and pore size reduction techniques, and build back in beautiful color and feminine dimension. In this post here, I’ll go over skin care, pore size reduction, beard shadow coverage, and creating a neutral canvas to get ready for the fun makeup color!

Skin Care: With skin care, we start with washing the face with a 3-n-1 cleanser–it cleanses, exfoliates, and tones. For those with large pores, we’ll use the microdermabrasion treatment to visibly reduce pore size. Then we apply a 35-SPF day solution to protect your skin followed by moisturizer. Then we dab on firming eye cream using our ring finger. I love this step because the eye cream changes how the light diffuses around my eyes, making me instantly look younger and more awake, plus of course the long-term benefits of minimizing wrinkle formation! Next up is foundation primer. Foundation primer fills in little pits and blemishes on your face, helping it feel super smooth and ready for the foundation to come.

Neutralize the Beard Shadow: Next we want to neutralize any beard shadow. We do this using the color wheel theory of using an opposite color to neutralize the beard shadow. Beard shadow is typically blue to green. I have two techniques that I teach at a makeup party since each person is a little different. I have yellow concealer and orange lipstick (Sunny Citrus) options. The yellow concealer is the more mild approach and works well for lighter color beard shadows and those with ivory or beige skin tones with pink or yellow undertones. I prefer to start with the yellow concealer since it’s designed to conceal and be applied directly to the face. The Sunny Citrus lipstick is the more aggressive approach and works well on those with a darker beard shadow and those who have more olive toned skin. With either method, the concealer or lipstick is dabbed on to the areas of beard shadow including the throat and spread with either one’s fingers or a foundation brush until the beard shadow is neutralized. 

Create a Neutral Canvas: Next, we apply translucent powder to set the beard shadow coverage. Then we use concealer that matches the skin tone in the beard shadow area and on other blemishes. This brings the color of the beard shadow area into balance with the rest of the skin. Then we apply a coat of translucent powder to set the layer. To finish creating a neutral look, we apply liquid foundation in our skin tone to the entire face and throat. The foundation gives the skin a soft, dewy look while smoothing it and creating a beautiful base for the makeup colors to adhere to.

In other posts, I cover various color and contouring techniques. 

To being fabulous, ladies!

Elizabeth Taylor

“I love giving all women (cis- and trans*) the skills, tools, and confidence to express their natural and inner beauty. I seek to provide you with excellent customer service while making you feel pampered and relaxed in a warm and authentic environment. Just tell me if you’d like skin care advice, a makeup lesson, a total makeover, or corset and body shaper fitting and whether you’d like a one-on-one consultation or a party with friends. I look forward to pampering you soon!” ~Elizabeth Taylor~





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My Makeover and Transformation Collection is Growing!

I started a daunting task this weekend to tackle a serious yet delightful problem. I’m reorganizing my makeover studio so I can better access and display my girly clothes, wigs, jewelry, makeup, skincare, corsets, body shapers, bras and panties, and shoes! Wow! So much girly stuff to fit into one transformation studio!

Wigs: I’m up to eight wigs now including seven designer wigs including from Rene de Paris and Revlon along with one costume wig! They are now on wig stands though I need more surfaces to display their beauty.

Shoes: I have gorgeous shoes from size 8 to size 15 from brands including Steve Madden, Nine West, Pleaser, Rockport, Enzo Agiolini, Chinese Laundry, and more! I want to show them off so all the girls can admire them when they walk in!

Jewelry: I have added a beautiful, antique, Chinese-influenced jewelry box that I purchased from San Francisco. Now girls can have the fun of searching through drawers for jewelry just like genetic girls do. 🙂 I’ve added more clip-on earrings and gold bangle bracelets to my gorgeous collection featuring many one-of-a-kind pieces from arts and craft shows along with more accessible pieces.

Clothes: I have clothing from size 6 to size 1X and not enough closet space to display it all! I’m looking to add a chest of drawers to organize some of the items and free up valuable closet space. I have the little black dress, mini skirts, pencil skirts, jeans, camisoles, a cardigan, school girl skirt, an evening gown, a black dress with white polka dots and a pink sash, and more. The wardrobe also features a variety of wraps and scarves–perfect for creating that flirty look!

Bras and Panties: I have colorful, girly bras with band sizes from 34 to 44 and a variety of cup sizes. For that rare girl that doesn’t have her own panties, I have sizes 7 through 12. I added a 3-drawer end-table under the jewelry box that will hold the lingerie and make it easier to find your size!

Corsets and Body Shapers: I have demo corsets that fit chest sizes from size 32 to 44 and panty reshapers in every size along with new inventory available for purchase. I’m still brainstorming the best way to organize and display these hourglass-enhancing body shapers.

Makeup and Skin Care: I have a full line-up of Mary Kay skincare and makeup to use for our makeover sessions with all items available for purchase. These products are already well-organized. 🙂

I’m sure I have more than this in my girly fantasyland to organize but these seems like quite enough for now! Email me if you’d like to schedule a total transformation or a makeup lesson!

Here’s to being fabulous and enjoying the girly paradise of my makeover studio!!!

~Elizabeth Taylor~



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Shopping and Cocktails with the Girls!

What a perfect day yesterday! I shopped for clothes to add to my crossdresser wardrobe and had some great finds including dresses, skirts, camisoles, blouses, and a cardigan. Great prices too! 🙂 In the evening, I met up with a group of tgirls and admirers at a lounge in DC, where we sipped on custom girly cocktails and chatted for hours!

Several of the girls asked me questions about the corsets and other body shapers that I feature. Brandy asked if I had a “corset bar” in my studio. I told her that I have four styles of corsets for a wide range of sizes as well as panty reshapers to lift and round the butt. Leigh mentioned how much she loves corsets. Since I was wearing my Body Magic shaper, I showed the girls the quality of the garment, which they admired.

Christine complimented my makeup as she left. I had applied a neutral, bright, fun look used the creme eye shadows of apricot twist, iced cocoa, and pale pink; black eyeliner; Lash Love Lengthening mascara–love it!; and neutral lips. I absolutely LOVE owning all the Mary Kay eyeshadows so I can play and create new looks!

Throughout the evening, we talked about lots of other girly things too, but my lips are sealed! 🙂 To get involved with the tgirls in DC, check out and

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Makeup, Corsets, and Dresses, Oh My!

Makeup, Corsets, and Dresses, Oh My!
Barbie adores herself in the mirror as she prepares to don her red dress over her Slim Shaper corset.

Barbie adores herself in the mirror as she prepares to don her red dress over her Slim Shaper corset.

Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous with her Mary Kay makeover!

Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous with her Mary Kay makeover!

My Barbie client came back for another makeover session last night with her genetic girl (GG) friend, “Sleeping Beauty.” I give the GG the nickname Sleeping Beauty, because she is absolutely gorgeous but usually doesn’t wear makeup, clips her hair back in a tomboy style, and rarely wears dresses. Barbie and her genetic girl (GG) friend, “Sleeping Beauty” got dolled up in “blown-out,” over-the-top style per Barbie’s insistence. Then we had girl time with a couple other girls in my living room.

Barbie selected this look from Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" video to inspire Sleeping Beauty's look.

Barbie selected this look from Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” video to inspire Sleeping Beauty’s look.

This time Barbie started off in a sexy secretary look before changing into her ultra form fitting red dress. Barbie has asked me about a waist cincher and this time she agreed to try on a “Slim Shaper” corset, which reduced her waist by 2 to 3 sizes immediately. With her waist

pulled in and red dress donned, she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at her hourglass figure. “Now I understand the appeal of a corset party!” she said. Barbie sent me an edited photo for me to post (left).

Sleeping Beauty is stunning!

Barbie requested that Sleeping Beauty be given a Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” inspired-look and finish off the look with messy hair. Sleeping Beauty agreed to Barbie’s request and the results were simply stunning! Check out Sleeping Beauty’s photo, and let me know what you think!

If you’re interested in getting fitted for a corset or body shaper, check out The Corset, Cocktails and Conversation party I’m hosting on Friday, June 21 at 7 p.m. in Northern Virginia. If you’re interested in creating your own custom look or Sleeping Beauty’s look, let me know and we can make it happen! E-mail me for details at

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Having a Blast with Barbie!

Every crossdresser wants something a little different from a makeover: more passable, glamour, natural look, and Barbie. Yes, Barbie! One of my current clients loves looking “a little trashy” and wanted to go for a Barbie look. I scoured the images on Google of Barbie dolls and Barbie makeup styles and decided on a Barbie makeup look: smoky eyes with light pink on the eyelid.

The Makeup Look: I used Pale Pink cream eye shadow on the lid, Beach Blonde cream eye shadow on the highlight, and Black Pearl mineral eye shadow of the crease. I used the smudger brush with the Black Pearl to create a smoky eye look. We finished off Barbie’s eyes with black eyeliner, Lash Primer, and Ultimate Mascara. For lips, we went for a touch dramatic, outlining her lips with Spiced Tea lip liner to make them a touch larger, and filling in with lip liner. Then we added the bright pink Hibiscus Lip Stick and Pink Sateen Lip Gloss. We used the Translucent loose powder to set her makeup.

The Hair: We used a long blonde wig with a touch of black streaks from my collection. The hair is a touch wavy and looks great on Barbie with it over one shoulder. This is definitely not the wig to wear if the goal is to be passable!

The Clothes: Barbie already owned a bright pink and back miniskirt and a lacy black top with 3/4 length sleeves. We added a black, stretchy belt, and a one-of-a-kind teal necklace. She donned black tights with a small pattern on them and black pumps. Super sexy!

The Barbie Attitude: As the makeover progressed, Barbie’s mood and presentation began to change to match her outward image. She became more flirty and into girl talk. She sauntered down the hall with confidence, one foot in front of the other, hips swaying. She flipped her hair over one shoulder and looked back at me, perfectly posed for the camera. She leaned against the door frame, embodying her flirty personality.

Barbie tried on a couple of other wigs and outfits, which she promptly declared “Soccer Mom” because of the comparatively conservative and flattering bob cut. And just as quickly as the wig change, she changed to present more as her version of Soccer Mom, looking cute and sexy but much more subdued than Barbie. I was thrilled when Soccer Mom changed back into Barbie for girl talk and wine downstairs with another genetic girl (GG) and me. I loved the Barbie girl time and was a touch bored by Soccer Mom in comparison. I can’t wait to visit with Barbie again and find out what other type of look she wants!

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