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Beauty in Beastmode: Kandis “No Excuses”

Kandis Arzu-Thompson, my personal trainer, will debut her “Beauty in Beastmode” online personal training service Nov. 1. She hopes that this photo will demonstrate her concept. Photo by Elizabeth Anne Taylor, Copyright 2014.

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Beauty Tips: Create a Neutral Canvas

By Elizabeth Anne Taylor, Makeup Artist & Photographer
Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor applies foundation to Dawn's face to create a neutral canvas to build her color look

Elizabeth Taylor applies foundation to Dawn’s face to create a neutral canvas to build her color look

Hello ladies! I’m Elizabeth Taylor, and I have a male-to-female transformation studio in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I’ve been seeing clients for eighteen months and have several tips I want to share with you about beauty. Today I’m focusing on creating a neutral canvas from your face. That means shaving closely, cleansing, moisturizing, priming, hiding beard shadow and other flaws, and evening out your skin color and texture with foundation.

Make sure that you have the closest and freshest shave you can get. Use a hand-held mirror to inspect under your chin and on the sides of your face to find any stray hairs. Cleanse your entire face with a face wash or lightly exfoliating scrub. Genetic males typically have larger pores than genetic females, so consider adding an exfoliating treatment such as microdermabrasion up to three times per week to visibly reduce pore size. If you have mature skin, fill in wrinkles with wrinkle filler. The wrinkle filler I use draws moisture to the area right away so that the skin plumps and works long term to rebuild collagen with the retinol it contains.

Apply moisturizer to your entire face and neck, which will help your face look more radiant than if you skip this step. Let dry. Apply an eye cream below your eye and into the crow’s feet area. The eye area is one of the first on the face to show signs of age so it needs the more intense moisturizing of an eye cream. My favorite eye cream has finely ground mica in it to optically lift the eye area so you’ll look better right away. At night I apply eye cream above my eye as well since I’m less likely to sweat it off. Using moisturizer and eye cream morning and night will help keep your skin looking youthful long-term.

If you have oily skin in all or part of your face, then consider applying an oil mattifier to those areas after the moisturizing step. The oil mattifier will keep oil buildup and beading at bay for up to eight hours.

Next, apply foundation primer all over face and to your neck in areas where you have beard shadow. Like paint primer, foundation primer fills in the little cracks and crevices on your face, smoothing out your skin and helping the foundation apply evenly.

Next you need to disguise your beard shadow. Most beard shadow has a blue-green undertone. Orange is opposite blue-green on the color wheel, so apply an orange lipstick (or orange cremestick such as Mehron Lt. Auguste) to the areas where you have beard shadow and blend in with your fingers. The coat should be thin and the blue-green will be mostly neutralized. Next, we need to cover up the crazy orange color on your beard shadow. Use a liquid concealer that coordinates with your foundation color and blend it over the orange areas. If beard shadow is still visible, then reapply the orange lipstick plus concealer to that area.

Now we need to use that concealer for its conventional use—lightening small areas of discoloration in the face to make it a little lighter than your regular skin color. Using a concealer brush, stipple concealer onto dark shadows below and around the eyes, red areas, broken capillaries, and other flaws. Stippling is a tapping motion that integrates the concealer into just that flaw, lightening it to slightly lighter than the surrounding skin, rather than spreading it around and lightening the whole area.

For foundation, I love using two different formulas: liquid and mineral powder. The liquid foundation provides excellent coverage while the mineral powder foundation fills in pores and gives a matte, porcelain look to the face. Choose matte foundations instead of luminous because shiny products tend to accentuate flaws such as the larger pores that genetic males are more likely to have. Apply the liquid foundation with your fingers or a liquid foundation brush starting at the center of your face and working outward, covering both your face and the areas of the neck with beard shadow. Don’t put too much product in one area otherwise it can be difficult to blend it out. To avoid this, apply some product to your face with one hand (one side of the brush) and blend it in with the other hand (other side of the brush). It’s better to build up coverage slowly than all at once. Next, dip your mineral powder foundation brush vertically into the mineral powder and tap into the powder a few times to integrate the powder on the brush. Now tap the brush on the side of the container to knock off the excess. Lightly pat the brush tip against your skin to apply color without wiping. Repeat mineral powder application until you have covered all the areas and the coverage meets your needs.

Finally, set the foundation layer by applying a light dusting of translucent powder with a powder brush, which will smooth out your face even more and make you look better in photographs.

Product List ($270 Retail Value)
1. Facial Cleanser
2. Microdermabrasion
3. Wrinkle Filler
4. Moisturizer
5. Eye Cream
6. Foundation Primer
7. Orange Lipstick (more waxy than moisturizing)
8. Liquid Concealer
9. Liquid Foundation
10. Mineral Powder Foundation
11. Translucent Powder

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Kimberly Models her Fall Look

Kimberly Models her Fall Look

Kimberly Moore modeled her fall wardrobe and makeup at my makeover studio this week. She debuted her new Raquel Welch Upstage wig that she purchased at Southern Comfort Conference and showed off three of her fall outfits. I selected an emerald eye shadow palette to create her subtle smokey eye look and a semi-matte dark berry lipstick to create drama. I loved shooting with my new AlienBees studio lighting and white paper background!


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Lina Loved her Makeover

Lina loved her makeover and can’t wait to come back, next time with pink wine to celebrate. Lina relaxed as the makeover and photo shoot progressed. Toward the end of the photo shoot, we captured the photos below as her confidence blossomed.


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Leilani Gets a Photoshop Makeover–My First!

I finished my first Adobe Photoshop course this week at NOVA. For one of my class projects, I retouched a photograph of Leilani, my client who wowed the guests at Freddie‘s with her fetish look. I covered her exposed bra and breastform for a more convincing look, applied skin smoothing techniques, evened out her skin tones, and smoothed out the background and some of her dress. Let me know what you think of Leilani‘s Photoshop Makeover!

Let me know if you’d like to include a Photoshop makeover for one or more images as part of your Makeover and Photography Package.

Leilani looks even more beautiful after her Photoshop makeover to her traditional Elizabeth Taylor makeover.

AFTER PHOTOSHOP: Leilani looks even more gorgeous after her Photoshop makeover to her traditional Elizabeth Taylor makeover.

Leilani looks great with her makeover by Elizabeth Taylor. This is before any Photoshop edits but after Lightroom adjustments.

BEFORE PHOTOSHOP: Leilani looks beautiful with her makeover by Elizabeth Taylor. This is before any Photoshop edits but after Lightroom adjustments.

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Kim Shows off her Blonde, Beachy Look

Kim’s back, and she’s hotter than ever with curly, blonde hair and beachy makeup and clothes. This is a teaser pic with more to follow including poolside shots.


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DC’s Queer Prom Queen Shows Us Sexy

Everyone knows Linda Roberts, DC’s 2013 Capital Queer Prom Queen. Why’s that? She’s always out on the town dancing the night away! From Town DanceBoutique and tgirlnation to Echostage and Eighteenth Street Lounge, Linda shows off her dancing moves and high energy level all over the city at LGBT and straight venues alike. Often the first on the dance floor, Linda loves wearing above-the-knee dresses with sensible flats. For eye makeup, we used brown, gold, and neutral eye shadows to bring out her beautiful, blue eyes. For lips, she selected sunset, a pink-coral color, that we topped with a dab of cream and sugar and icicle lip glosses.

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Dawn’s Picnic Look for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Complete with a new spring makeup look, Dawn headed out to picnic with friends at the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival! I combined pale blush and metallic taupe cream eye shadows and crystalline powder eye shadow for eyeshadow and lined her eye with smudged black pearl eye shadow. We finished her eye look with lash-lengthening mascara. We used a lightweight CC Cream with sunscreen instead of foundation to give her an ultra-lightweight outdoor feel topped with a touch of creamy pink blush. For her lips, I lined them with neutral lip liner, added Pink Cherié lipstick, and topped it off with Pink Parfait lip gloss. Dawn added a sundress and bonnet to finish off her picnic by the Tidal Basin look. Happy spring!



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MTF Transformations: Abbi Kadabra Magically Transforms Travis into 50s Housewife

Travis and I met at an LGBT Thanskgiving Dinner in 2012, and we hit it off immediately as I perused his drag queen photos on his cell phone. Travis dresses as Abby Cadabra for performance art and to express himself in sometimes outlandish ways that his guy side just can’t justify. While Travis and Abby don’t fall under the transgender or crossdresser umbrellas, they are a part of my male-to-female transformation photo project and are allies of the transgender community. Abby and my trans-women friends hit it off at my Saint Patrick’s Day party, and Abby has extended an invitation to my friends to attend her Halloween blowout party.

In this photo series, Abby applies her own makeup, affixes her breast forms, styles her own hair, and selects her own clothes and accessories. She hams it up for the camera keeping true to her 1950s Stepford Wife persona and the drag queen role of performance art.

Taylor-Travis-Abby-1764 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1873 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1958Taylor-Travis-Abby-2286 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1999 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2069 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2082 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2085 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2092 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2191 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2223 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2245 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2267 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2268 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2273 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2274


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From Jack to B’Ellana: Exuding Confidence, Radiance, and Beauty as a Dual-Gender Person


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