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Full Reopening of Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor, effective August 5, 2020!

Hurray! Montgomery County is letting makeup artists go back to work as of 05 AUG 2020. I am so excited to see you again in person for makeup artistry, total makeovers, and more at Makeovers with Elizabeth Taylor! All of my virtual services are still available along with my full makeover menu for in-person visits. I am really excited see you all again and help you express and embrace your femininity.

I’ll be taking extra safety measures to help protect us from COVID-19. We will both need to wear face masks when we are within six feet of each other except that you may remove your mask while I apply your makeup. And I’ll be checking your temperature before you come in to help reduce the risk to everyone. I have been taking my temperature daily to help protect you as well. If you are feeling sick, please contact me to reschedule your appointment even if you are within the 48-hour window before your appointment.

Here are the details:

1. As always, I see clients by appointment only and do not allow walk-ins. My business is not open to the public.

2. Outings and Fantasy Services: Please contact me to discuss your outing or fantasy ideas before you book. Freddie’s Beach Bar is open Wednesday to Sunday but all clubs in the area are closed. Dine-in alcohol sales end at 10 p.m. in Montgomery County, MD. Limited retail stores are open and most are not allowing clothing to be tried on in the store. Some retail stores require an appointment in order to shop. Makeup testers at MAC, Sephora, and other makeup stores/counters are not available to help with color matching. Museums are closed.

As always, you are required to contact me before booking a fantasy appointment to discuss your ideas.

3. Cleanliness: I will be cleaning high-touch surfaces such as chairs, handrails, counters, bathrooms, and faucets with an EPA-approved cleanser after every appointment. I will be allowing additional time between appointments to facilitate this.

Clothing will be washed between clients. Silicone items like breast forms and hip/butt pads will be washed with soap and water. Corsets will be spritzed with rubbing alcohol. New wig caps will be worn with all wigs as always. As always, you are welcome to bring your own wardrobe and mix-and-match with mine. Masks will be worn during the dressing process.

4. Masks are Mandatory: If we are within six feet of each, we both are required to wear masks except when I’m applying your makeup when you may remove yours. I will be wearing a mask while I apply your makeup to help protect us both. At greater than six feet such as for photography or socially distanced hang out time/feminine deportment, you may remove your mask. You will need to provide your own mask.

5. Temperature Taken at Arrival: When you arrive, I will be taking your temperature with an infrared forehead thermometer. If your temperature is at 100.4 F or above, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment. You will also be asked about your recent possible exposure to COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, please contact me to reschedule your appointment even if you’re inside the 48-hour cancellation window. (Guidelines from Professional Photographers of America). Be prepared to answer the following:

  • How are you feeling?
  • Have you had a cough or any flu-like or COVID symptoms in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms with the last 14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

I updated my makeover menu on August 6, 2020 to reflect my return to full operations!

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Gina Shows off her Girl-Next-Door Look

Gina Shows off her Girl-Next-Door Look

Gina wanted to learn tips for her daily makeup routine and add a few images to her social media. Since Gina values simplicity, we used two creme eyeshadows to minimize blending time and a black eyeshadow as a simple eyeliner. We reviewed other techniques including concealer, foundation, blush and bronzer application, and Gina left with printed guidance including her formulas and colors. Check out her girl-next-door look below.

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Halloween: The Crossdresser’s Favorite Holiday

It’s the happiest time of the year here in my tgirl world! Halloween is just around the corner with tons of fun opportunities to dress, including a perfect time for many first-timers to debut.

The excitement starts tomorrow, Oct. 26, when the DC Trans Ladies Meetup group heads out in two groups. The Classy DC Sisters will be hitting up four straight bars in Chantilly with their Tour de Force while Diane, dressed as Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, leads the way to Town Danceboutique for a 10:30 p.m. drag show and midnight costume contest. I have two girls coming for makeovers for the big night plus two more girlfriends coming to get ready at my place before we head to meet Diane and friends at Town.

2012-11-01 21.16.29

People show off their costumes at DC’s 2012 High Heel Race.

On Tuesday, we have the DC High Heel Race, where genetic males dress as women, don high heels, and run two blocks while surrounded by throngs of onlookers. Participants include drag queens, gay guys in dresses and other costumes, and trans-women both in dresses and in costumes. What a great opportunity for the closet crossdresser to dress and blend in! I attended last year and loved all the pageantry, excitement, and throngs of onlookers. This year, I’ll be giving a makeover to a client who will be attending the race with me, and she may even decide to run in the race! Then I’m pregaming at a friend’s condo in walking distance of the race before I meet up with my client to walk over together.

Thursday is officially Halloween! I originally had a client who wanted to go out dressed for the first time but she’s had to reschedule due to work. I hope another brave girl will decide to debut on Thursday!

2012-11-01 19.59.24

Three of the 2012 High Heel Race contestants show off their looks.

Saturday I’m hosting my next makeup party where girls can come practice their makeup and create a new look for fall. My makeup party has a waitlist already! I have one guest who hopes to have a total makeover before the party and then attend so she can meet some girls in a safe, laid-back environment. This will be my second official makeup party that I will have in my upstairs studio instead of at my dining room table. The lighting is so much better in the studio than downstairs and all the makeup and skincare is in arms reach.

Happy Halloween and Happy Dressing everyone!


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Create your Sexy Smoky Eye Look at my next Makeup Party, Aug. 10!

I model a smoky eye look using techniques I learned with Mary Kay products. Prior to trying this method, I had had little luck with creating a flattering smoky eye.

I model a smoky eye look using techniques I learned with Mary Kay products. Prior to trying this method, I had had little luck with creating a flattering smoky eye. I’ll share this technique with you at my August 10 makeup party!

Create a simple, sexy smoky eye look with techniques I'm teaching at my next makeup party!

Create a simple yet sexy smoky eye look with techniques I’m teaching at my next makeup party, August 10 at 7:30 p.m. in Alexandria, VA. Email me for details at

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Makeup and Corset Party plus After-Party!

Last week I held a makeup and corset party for trans-ladies and allies. My standard makeover party has focused on skin care and makeup using Mary Kay products and teaching girls how to apply their makeup. This party had another core theme: body shapers.

Girls began arriving an hour early to get fitted for corsets and panty shapers to give them a beautiful hourglass look and rounded derriere. The Ardyss shapers gave immediate results, flattening tummies, pulling in waists by 2-3 sizes, rounding the buttocks, and creating a beautiful, feminine figure. The girls wore the shapers throughout the entire makeup party and were definitely disappointed to take them off at the end of the night.

After we had all put on our makeup and enjoyed apple pie, hummus and pita, all six of us decided to go to Freddie’s Beach Bar ( in Crystal City including the girl who had never been out of her house dressed before! We strolled into Freddie’s with confidence and sat at a large hightop table near the bar. Another couple of friends joined us and we totally had fun chilling with our group of the evening until the lights came on and we returned to our homes.

This particular group of girls totally clicked with each other. The girls were super affirming, supporting, and accepting of each other. I loved that they helped build each other’s confidence to go out in public to Freddie’s.

To another fabulous evening!

Elizabeth Taylor
“I love giving all women (cis- and trans*) the skills, tools, and confidence to express their natural and inner beauty. I seek to provide you with excellent customer service while making you feel pampered and relaxed in a warm and authentic environment. Let me know if you are interested in a makeover, makeup lessons, or body shapers. I look forward to pampering you soon!” ~Elizabeth Taylor~
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One-on-One Makeup Lessons

I worked with a girl today on a one-on-one makeover. She gets out about one night a month and is looking to get out to lunch more with the girls on her days off work. Since her primary look was an evening one, we focused on creating a softer day look.

She had beautiful blue piercing eyes and fiery reddish hair past her shoulders. She hadn’t tried purple eyeshadows before so we used a combination of the Violet Storm cream eye color and Iris and Crystalline mineral eye color. With her deep set eyes, we applied the Iris only to the outer corner of her eyes while the lighter Violet Storm went on her eyelid and just a touch into her highlight area. With its white sparkly hue, the Crystalline filled in her highlight area and the inner corner of her eye. She applied a dark blue/purple eyeliner to her upper lash line from the middle to the outer edge of her lash line, tapering it off just past the middle of her eye as we worked back toward the center. We worked on mascara next; she prefers only applying mascara to her upper lashes but we modified her technique to have her lift the brush up through her lashes rather than on top of her lashes. She immediately saw how her eye opened up with the natural curl that this mascara technique provided.

She learned another technique for creating her desired brow look–using eye shadow in a color that matches her hair.

We moved on to her facial contours, using Strawberry Cream blush, Desert Sun bronzer, and Pink Porcelain highlight powder to accent her cheeks and soften her face, and Spiced Tea lip liner with Berry Kiss lip stick. 

We moved on to accessorizing with jewelry and taking photos and then she treated me to lunch. We plan to have another makeup lesson and convince other girls to join us out for lunch. 🙂

To being fabulous!

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Makeup Parties for Trans-Ladies

I love my girls and helping them look and feel beautiful. I’ve hosted several makeup parties with four to six guests. Two have been specifically for trans-women and allies. We learned about and applied anti-aging skin care, matched foundation shades, covered various hues and intensities of beard shadows, and created a basic makeup look. For cis-girls, many beauty consultants use a “face race” to see who can apply their color the fastest and reward speed.

Speed doesn’t work in my trans-world–in fact, this makeup application process is where I get to do the most teaching. At a recent party, the girls selected one of four different looks, each of which had directions for how to apply the color. I helped the girls choose their looks and get started. One girl had very deep-set eyes and so I recommended skipping the darkest eyeshadow color or just using it on the outermost part of the eyelid. Another girl was super cute and bubbly. She was already wearing a bright pink lipstick that suited her outfit and attitude perfectly, so I encouraged her to keep that as part of her 80s look. She applied the rest of her makeup with relative ease. The third girl is working on a natural look since she is planning to go full-time. She applies her eyeliner impeccably and proudly tells me that she’s been practicing with the help of her sisters. The fourth was totally thrilled that she successfully covered her beard shadow and set to work on a dramatic eye look.

After we all finish, we take fun, silly, and flirty photos in my hallway. I wish I could share them with you all but my girls’ privacy and safety is important. I have a client who recently walked in her neighborhood during the day alone and was quickly taunted with “go to hell” and worse from a passersby. She told me she won’t be walking alone in her neighborhood anytime soon. Less than a month earlier, she walked outside dressed and in makeup for the first time ever (I accompanied her and took photos for her). I felt so proud to be with her as she developed confidence in herself.

I hope I can help change our culture so more people accept and appreciate us for who we are regardless of our gender identity or gender presentation.

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor

“I love giving all women (cis- and trans*) skills, tools, and confidence to express their natural and inner beauty. I seek to provide you with excellent customer service while making you feel pampered and relaxed in a warm and authentic environment. Just tell me if you’d like a one-on-one consultation or a party with friends. I look forward to pampering you soon!”

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