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Makeup tutorials on facebook

Makeup tutorials on facebook

Hi everyone! I’ve done several makeup tutorials throughout the years on my facebook page. With the links below to the individual videos, you can watch even if you don’t join facebook. Pretty cool!

Just as a heads up, I’m currently working primarily with MAC makeup and my only studio is in Takoma Park, MD just one mile from Washington, DC. You will hear many references my previous studio locations of Alexandria, Baltimore, and Cabin John in my older videos. However, my only studio is in Takoma Park, MD. You’ll also hear me talking a lot about Younique makeup, but I don’t sell Younique online anymore. I have a few Younique products still available in inventory if there’s something you’re craving.


Makeup Videos

January 18, 2020: Natural, daytime, work-appropriate look using MAC makeup and Aveda skin care but the ideas apply to all brands. Skin care, contouring, thin lips, Makeup 101, and neutral eye makeup. This is the perfect introduction to how to do your makeup for an everyday look.

Summer 2018: Bright, luminizer-driven look for nightlife (Great content but video source isn’t perfect)

Fall 2017: Intense smokey eye with dramatic lips for a naughty schoolgirl photoshoot

Fall 2017: Smokey eye technique

Summer 2017: A softer look on just half my face

Summer 2017: Lots of luminizer to highlight those cheeks!

Spring 2017: Dramatic silver eye makeup, pink lip, plenty of contouring for a Graffiti Warehouse modeling shoot

Spring 2017: Dramatic silver eye makeup, dark lip, plenty of drama for date night

Spring 2017: Dramatic smokey eye, intense red lip, plenty of drama for a Gangster-themed photoshoot

January 2017: Bronze, gold, brown eyeshadows; peach lips for date night

January 2017: Cool-toned, purple eyeshadow with dark, nude lipstick for a soft evening look or dramatic daytime look

Christmas 2017: Dramatic silver eye makeup, intense contouring, deep red lip for Christmas with Giselle

December 2017: Dramatic silver eye makeup, bright red lip, plenty of contouring for holiday photoshoot at Graffiti Warehouse

Fall 2017: Barbie-pink, glossy lip with soft purple eye makeup and lots of contouring

Fall 2017: Classic eye using brown plus a dark, nude lip

Thanksgiving 2017: Brown eye shadows with maroon lip for date night

Thanksgiving 2017: Brown eye shadows with dark nude lip

Thanksgiving 2017: Smokey eye with bright, coral lip

November 2017: Silver smokey eye, plenty of contouring, and red lip for a winter wonderland look to match my red dress

November 2017: Intense smokey eye with purples and silvers, plenty of contouring, dark two-tone purple lips for modeling shoot with purple corset at Graffiti Warehouse

November 2017: Smokey eye and bright, matte lip

Fall 2017: Smokey eye and dramatic lip with two tones for fullness.

Fall 2017: Pinky-copper and brown eyeshadows with bright, coral, matte lipstick.

Fall 2017: Silver, soft-smokey eye and nude lip.

Summer 2017, part 2 of 2: Foundation, contouring, and pink lips

Summer 2017, part 1 of 2: Dramatic eye makeup using cool purple tones.



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Halloween: Catwoman Jamie is on the Prowl

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Sarah Smoothes her Skin, Builds her Confidence

Sarah has been struggling with skin issues for the past 30 years, ever since she developed melasma during her pregnancy. When we spoke on the phone, Sarah described patchy dark spots, white scars, and pitting that had taken their toll on her skin texture and appearance. She had been to makeup counters and watched YouTube videos yet hadn’t figured out how to work with her features and create the sun-kissed glow of J Lo that she desired. After finding me in a Google search, Sarah contacted me for a makeup lesson as she loved my work. Highly motivated, Sarah drove two hours each way for her makeup lesson on her day off.

We walked through Sarah’s products to determine which ones matched and would work with both her skin tone and uneven skin. We eliminated the products that didn’t match her skin tone and those that had a lot of luminosity, since shine brings attention to flaws in the skin. Then we set to work creating her matte look using moisturizer, foundation primer, concealer, foundation, creme eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, bronzer, blush, and lipstick.

After we finished her hands-on makeup lesson, Sarah looked stunned at how smooth her skin was with a hint of the bronze glow she craved. She confessed that she hated going to department store makeup counters, because they weren’t private and she didn’t like being on display for people to watch. The one-on-one private makeup lesson with me perfectly fit what she needed, she said.

Sarah, you looked beautiful today when you walked into my studio and you looked gorgeous after your makeup when you glowed with confidence. Keep up the confidence, girl, and rock you!

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor
Makeup Artist and Photographer

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“French and Fabulous” Cocktail Party

Join us a “French and Fabulous”-themed cocktail party for trans-women and allies (any gender identity or sexual orientation as long as you respect trans-women) on Saturday, September 20 at 8 p.m.! Dress fabulously to fit the theme. 🙂

_DSC3400_smallGuests are requested to bring French wine ($12+) or other French beverages (e.g., spirits, beers, sparkling waters) and a wine-friendly food item to share. Suggestions for wine and food items and more details to follow. Guests are requested to post what they will be bringing so we’ll have a good assortment of wine and food.

Since I’m a sommelier and wine educator, you’ll get the chance to learn more about French wines over the course of the evening too. We’ll have a blast!

RSVPs: As an FYI, I’ve had a wait list for my last few TG and allies parties, so make your plans early to avoid disappointment. 🙂 If you are one of my clients and I’ve met you in person, you may RSVP to me directly. If not, then RSVP at either the DC Trans Ladies Meetup Group or the Washington DC Area Transgender Meetup Group. Please maintain a complete, respectable profile with a photo on the Meetup site so that I can know who to expect.

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor specializes in total makeovers, feminization, and photography for MtF crossdressers and transgender women and has transformed over 300 girls. Beth loves working with first-timers and helping them embrace their femininity and beauty, grow their confidence, and get involved in the online and in-person trans-women communities.

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Summer Sparkle Party–July 19, 8 p.m.

Wine glasses

Let’s drink sparkling wine, wear sparkling outfits and makeup, and have a blast meeting new people and making new friends!

Ladies, join us for our Summer Sparkling Party on Saturday, July 19, at 8 p.m.!  For our sparkle theme, we’ll quaff sparkling wine, nosh on wine-friendly appetizers, and show off our sparkling clothes, jewelry, shoes, and makeup!

RSVP: To join in, RSVP at  If you’re one of my existing clients and prefer not to join the Meetup at this time, contact me directly to RSVP (20 guests max).

Bring: Please bring a bottle of sparkling wine, $12+ ($8+ if from Total Wine), and a wine-friendly food item to share so that we will plenty for all to enjoy. Post what you plan to bring in the RSVPs on Meetup so we can all plan.

Sparkling Wine: Sparkling wine is produced worldwide from grapes including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Glera, and many more. Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and other bubblies are produced using two fermentations. See Wine Geek Speak below

Wines to consider bringing: Champagne, Cava (they have great ones at Total Wine starting at $8–grocery store will run you nearly $20 for one of a similar quality), Prosecco, and sparkling wines from California, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Virginia, New Mexico (Gruet is a favorite!), France, Austria, Germany, and others. France alone has many delicious sparkling wine regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, and the Languedoc.

Food Items: Please bring a food item that pairs well with sparkling wine. Here’s a list of items to get your culinary juices flowing:

  • Guacamole and Tortilla Chips (Abbi Kadabra is bringing this)
  • Strawberries
  • Insalata Caprese (mozzarella, basil, and tomato salad with olive oil)
  • Cheeses, especially those with earthy flavors like Brie
  • Shrimp, Crab, Scallops, or other seafood or a seafood dip
  • Sushi
  • Air-Popped Popcorn with Olive Oil and Sea Salt or with Truffle Oil & Sea Salt (I have this one covered!)

Wine Geek Speak Ahead: The first fermentation creates a still wine much like a traditional white wine. The second fermentation is induced when Yeast + Sugar are added to the still wine an enclosed container, either the bottle or a tank, and produce Carbon Dioxide + Alcohol, which are both trapped in the still wine. The Carbon Dioxide gives the still wine its sparkle and bubbles and the alcohol level raises about 1% compared to the base still wine. The yeast is then removed before final corking/bottling. Champagne and Cava both use the wine bottle as the closed container to enhance the earthiness, nuttiness, or yeastiness of the wine while Prosecco uses a tank for the second fermentation to preserve the fresh, fruit flavor.

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor specializes in total makeovers, feminization and transformations for MtF crossdressers and transgender women and has transformed over 250 girls. Beth loves working with first-timers and helping girls to embrace their femininity and beauty. She helps girls grow their confidence and get involved in the Washington, DC Metro Area trans-women online and in-person communities if and when they are ready.



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Kim Shows off her Blonde, Beachy Look

Kim’s back, and she’s hotter than ever with curly, blonde hair and beachy makeup and clothes. This is a teaser pic with more to follow including poolside shots.


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Photos from Spanish Wine and Tapas Party

On Saturday, I hosted my fourth monthly social party for twelve trans-women and allies. One of our guests, Celia, mentioned at an earlier party that she loved making tapas and thus I hosted a Spain-themed party. We started with Cava then moved on to Verdejo and Albariño, two white wines. Then we compared five Tempranillo-based wines and ended with a 100% Monastrell (Mouvedre) wine. Unlike most parties, I actually had a chance to take a few photos during the party. Enjoy!

In the first four photos, Diana shows off her latest look, which she applied herself after a series of makeup lessons from me. In photo five, Celia carries on an animated conversation with Dawn (not shown). In photo six, Erica (left) and Bobbi got to know each other over wine.


Taylor-SpainParty26APR2014-8014 Taylor-SpainParty26APR2014-8009 Taylor-SpainParty26APR2014-8003 Taylor-SpainParty26APR2014-8017 Taylor-SpainParty26APR2014-8028

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Erica Loves her Purple Tunic


Erica shows off her best look yet in her new purple tunic and dramatic makeup by Elizabeth Taylor

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Transformation: From Danny to Danni

Transformation: From Danny to Danni

“Transformation: Danny to Danni” shows the experience of a cross dresser at her first makeover. Danni posed for the second image before she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her euphoria is evident in the last two images after she saw herself fully transformed.


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Dawn’s Picnic Look for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Complete with a new spring makeup look, Dawn headed out to picnic with friends at the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival! I combined pale blush and metallic taupe cream eye shadows and crystalline powder eye shadow for eyeshadow and lined her eye with smudged black pearl eye shadow. We finished her eye look with lash-lengthening mascara. We used a lightweight CC Cream with sunscreen instead of foundation to give her an ultra-lightweight outdoor feel topped with a touch of creamy pink blush. For her lips, I lined them with neutral lip liner, added Pink Cherié lipstick, and topped it off with Pink Parfait lip gloss. Dawn added a sundress and bonnet to finish off her picnic by the Tidal Basin look. Happy spring!



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