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Beth’s new haircut and color for summer

I got my hair cut last week and colored today at PR at Partners in Shirlington. These two selfies show the same hair cut (different color) styled two ways. I applied basic makeup that I carry in my purse choosing the dramatic firecracker red lipstick for the edgy styling and the wild about pink lip color for my softer look with the magenta and teal lowlights. #ShirlingtonPR     image



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Tiffani Debuts at September’s Tgirlnation!

Tiffani made her debut on the tgirl scene last month at September’s tgirlnation. In these photos, she’s modeling a black miniskirt with her favorite pink sweater top, a blonde bob wig from Revlon, J Vincent black patent leather shoes, Coach wedge shoes with laces, and a small, black Coach bag perfect for clubbing. For makeup, she’s chosen to complement her gorgeous blue eyes with gold coast, honey spice, amber blaze, and copper glow mineral eye shadows with two coats of mascara on her curled lashes. For drama, she’s wearing firecracker red lip stick with a touch of icicle lip gloss for sheen.

Tiffani-3-2Tiffani-2-2 Tiffani-6-2 Tiffani-1-2 Tiffani-4-2 Tiffani-7-2 Tiffani-8-2 Tiffani-5-2


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