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Testimonial: Dianna Experiences the Woman inside Her

I’ve spent over fifty years of my life as what is referred to today as a transgender person (secluded). When I was little I was considered a freak, called a “retard” and spent many years in child psychologist’s offices. When they made me “all better” I spent the next thirty years, sometimes denying but always hiding who I am. Still hidden, I’ve spent the last ten years in counseling learning about my true self and working through the choices I have at this late point in my life and to undo the previous forty years.

Albeit ever so cliche, in one afternoon Beth led me to experience the person who has always lived inside me, the woman I now know I’m able to be. The makeup lesson allowed me to share a weekend with my life partner as this amazing person. Beth even got me outside for the first “real” time to take a couple of photos. Beth is really an amazing, caring, compassionate, and extremely talented person. The worst part of the whole experience … the weekend ended!

My sincerest thanks Beth, please keep “being fabulous!”

See you soon,

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Allison struts her stuff!

Allison struts her stuff!

Allison loves accessorizing including with this Coach bag.

Can you believe this is the first time Allison has ever dressed in front of someone else? She is one beautiful and brave girl!

Allison takes a look at herself in the mirror. This is the first time she has ever dressed in front of someone else.

Allison eyes herself in the mirror after her first makeover.

Allison has a natural beauty and grace along with a gorgeous smile.

Just a touch of flirty here, girl!

Allison is ready to make her grand entrance. She met two new people in addition to me that night and went out in Clarendon to mainstream establishment the next night!

Wow! Allison looks fabulous! My favorite photo!


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