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Dawn’s Picnic Look for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Complete with a new spring makeup look, Dawn headed out to picnic with friends at the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival! I combined pale blush and metallic taupe cream eye shadows and crystalline powder eye shadow for eyeshadow and lined her eye with smudged black pearl eye shadow. We finished her eye look with lash-lengthening mascara. We used a lightweight CC Cream with sunscreen instead of foundation to give her an ultra-lightweight outdoor feel topped with a touch of creamy pink blush. For her lips, I lined them with neutral lip liner, added Pink Cherié lipstick, and topped it off with Pink Parfait lip gloss. Dawn added a sundress and bonnet to finish off her picnic by the Tidal Basin look. Happy spring!



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MTF Transformations: Abbi Kadabra Magically Transforms Travis into 50s Housewife

Travis and I met at an LGBT Thanskgiving Dinner in 2012, and we hit it off immediately as I perused his drag queen photos on his cell phone. Travis dresses as Abby Cadabra for performance art and to express himself in sometimes outlandish ways that his guy side just can’t justify. While Travis and Abby don’t fall under the transgender or crossdresser umbrellas, they are a part of my male-to-female transformation photo project and are allies of the transgender community. Abby and my trans-women friends hit it off at my Saint Patrick’s Day party, and Abby has extended an invitation to my friends to attend her Halloween blowout party.

In this photo series, Abby applies her own makeup, affixes her breast forms, styles her own hair, and selects her own clothes and accessories. She hams it up for the camera keeping true to her 1950s Stepford Wife persona and the drag queen role of performance art.

Taylor-Travis-Abby-1764 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1873 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1958Taylor-Travis-Abby-2286 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1999 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2069 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2082 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2085 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2092 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2191 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2223 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2245 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2267 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2268 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2273 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2274


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Meagan Shows off her Little Black Dress Look

Meagan Shows off her Little Black Dress Look

As a birthday present to herself, Meagan treated herself to a Total Deluxe Makeover! In contrast to her whimsical sailor outfit, she models a cocktail party look including a little black dress (LBD) complete with soft pink accessories. She selects a dark purple smokey eye look and pink passion lips. Everything from Meagan’s LBD look except for her heart necklace is from Elizabeth Taylor’s studio wardrobe. At the end of her makeover and photo shoot, she changed into her blue jeans, black waist cincher, white blouse, gray scarf, and black boots for a birthday dinner at Freddie’s Beach Bar.

Meagan Birthday 007Meagan Birthday 002 Meagan Birthday 001 Meagan Birthday 006 Meagan Birthday 005 Meagan Birthday 004 Meagan Birthday 010 Meagan Birthday 009Meagan Birthday 013

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Self-esteem Building for Teenage Genetic Girl

I shook up my client expectations recently when I saw a GG teenager in my makeover studio. Super sweet, smart, and athletic, Dakota was facing self-esteem issues and wasn’t presenting herself in a way that showed she cared about her appearance. Her parents decided that a makeover and makeup lessons may help her improve her self-esteem and presentation style. After we found a fun outfit, shoes, and jewelry for her to wear from my studio that complimented her body shape, we worked on a makeup look for her. I gave her three options: an everyday look for school, a dramatic look for school dances, or a self-expression look to show her personality. Dakota chose to express herself with a purple, pink, and cream eye shadow palate accented with a purple eye crayon along with a pink lip crayon and lip jelly. She looked super cute and happy with her new outfit and makeup look!

Her hair puzzled me though. After a thorough brushing, her hair looked matted and greasy within 10 minutes even though she washed it daily. I found out she was using Suave and suggested she try upgrading to Pantene, Dove, or another middle-of-the-road shampoo and conditioner available at Walmart. The next week she returned after using Dove and her hair looked fabulous for a full 90 minutes instead of less than 10! What a boost for her self-esteem! She also learned to apply her makeup for a simple school look with tips on how to change up her look.

Dakota looked radiant in her photo shoot as the center of attention. After a couple of poses where she stood and sat kind of like a guy, I recommended some ways to feminize her posture. First, she put her feet together with a bit of an angle between them when standing and kept her ankles crossed when sitting. Next, she put her hand on her hip to help accentuate her curves and jutted out a hip on occasion. Third, she smiled and looked toward the camera with confidence. The next week we went out to Starbucks to show off her new fabulous look with confidence.

Dakota thrilled me with her excitement about learning about makeup and how to better present herself. A little coaching can go a long way. 🙂


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Roxane goes for subtle and sexy

Roxane shows off her beauty after her first makeover and total transformation ever. Since pink and purple are her favorite colors, she selected a bright pink top, black mini skirt, and black pumps with bows on the back. For makeup, she selected purple eyeshadows on a cream colored base to bring out the green in her hazel eyes and pink lipstick to keep with her desire for a subtle and sexy look.

Taylor-Roxane-7192 Taylor-Roxane-7070 Taylor-Roxane-7002

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Happy birthday, Tiffani!

Tiffani celebrates her birthday with a makeover and night out on the town with a girlfriend. She tried out green eyeshadows and pink glossy lip stain with her signature pink sweater, a classic black miniskirt, and black pumps with pink polka dots. In this series of photos, Tiffani displays a variety of emotion as she focuses on getting ready and I experiment with vantage point.

Tiffani-second-shoot-0300 Tiffani-second-shoot-0313 Tiffani-second-shoot-0315 Tiffani-second-shoot-0293 Tiffani-second-shoot-0289 Tiffani-second-shoot-0223

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Tiffani Debuts at September’s Tgirlnation!

Tiffani made her debut on the tgirl scene last month at September’s tgirlnation. In these photos, she’s modeling a black miniskirt with her favorite pink sweater top, a blonde bob wig from Revlon, J Vincent black patent leather shoes, Coach wedge shoes with laces, and a small, black Coach bag perfect for clubbing. For makeup, she’s chosen to complement her gorgeous blue eyes with gold coast, honey spice, amber blaze, and copper glow mineral eye shadows with two coats of mascara on her curled lashes. For drama, she’s wearing firecracker red lip stick with a touch of icicle lip gloss for sheen.

Tiffani-3-2Tiffani-2-2 Tiffani-6-2 Tiffani-1-2 Tiffani-4-2 Tiffani-7-2 Tiffani-8-2 Tiffani-5-2


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