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My First Drag Look: Rhiann goes Goth, Leather, and Chains

Rhiann decided on a dramatic drag-style makeover this time, requesting big eyes, a Goth look, and photos with black leather cuffs and metal chains. Unlike my typical genetic girl-inspired looks, I blocked Rhiann’s natural eyebrows and recreated them just about her upper brow lines. I used the reclaimed eye space to create drama with black, silver, and white eyeshadows. We added more drama with thick, black gel eyeliner, double thick fake eyelashes, and dark merlot lipstick. We skipped blush entirely and went just with bronzer and highlight powder for contouring to ensure she kept with her Goth motif. She added to the intensity of her look by donning black leather cuffs and silver chains. She couldn’t help but smile when she achieved her desired look. I had to remind her not to smile for every photo if she wanted to maintain the Goth-image. Though Rhiann loves to go out to lunch with friends, she politely informed me that she couldn’t go out during the day with this dramatic of look.









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MTF Transformations: Abbi Kadabra Magically Transforms Travis into 50s Housewife

Travis and I met at an LGBT Thanskgiving Dinner in 2012, and we hit it off immediately as I perused his drag queen photos on his cell phone. Travis dresses as Abby Cadabra for performance art and to express himself in sometimes outlandish ways that his guy side just can’t justify. While Travis and Abby don’t fall under the transgender or crossdresser umbrellas, they are a part of my male-to-female transformation photo project and are allies of the transgender community. Abby and my trans-women friends hit it off at my Saint Patrick’s Day party, and Abby has extended an invitation to my friends to attend her Halloween blowout party.

In this photo series, Abby applies her own makeup, affixes her breast forms, styles her own hair, and selects her own clothes and accessories. She hams it up for the camera keeping true to her 1950s Stepford Wife persona and the drag queen role of performance art.

Taylor-Travis-Abby-1764 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1873 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1958Taylor-Travis-Abby-2286 Taylor-Travis-Abby-1999 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2069 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2082 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2085 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2092 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2191 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2223 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2245 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2267 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2268 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2273 Taylor-Travis-Abby-2274


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