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Sarah Smoothes her Skin, Builds her Confidence

Sarah has been struggling with skin issues for the past 30 years, ever since she developed melasma during her pregnancy. When we spoke on the phone, Sarah described patchy dark spots, white scars, and pitting that had taken their toll on her skin texture and appearance. She had been to makeup counters and watched YouTube videos yet hadn’t figured out how to work with her features and create the sun-kissed glow of J Lo that she desired. After finding me in a Google search, Sarah contacted me for a makeup lesson as she loved my work. Highly motivated, Sarah drove two hours each way for her makeup lesson on her day off.

We walked through Sarah’s products to determine which ones matched and would work with both her skin tone and uneven skin. We eliminated the products that didn’t match her skin tone and those that had a lot of luminosity, since shine brings attention to flaws in the skin. Then we set to work creating her matte look using moisturizer, foundation primer, concealer, foundation, creme eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, bronzer, blush, and lipstick.

After we finished her hands-on makeup lesson, Sarah looked stunned at how smooth her skin was with a hint of the bronze glow she craved. She confessed that she hated going to department store makeup counters, because they weren’t private and she didn’t like being on display for people to watch. The one-on-one private makeup lesson with me perfectly fit what she needed, she said.

Sarah, you looked beautiful today when you walked into my studio and you looked gorgeous after your makeup when you glowed with confidence. Keep up the confidence, girl, and rock you!

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor
Makeup Artist and Photographer

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