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The Girl Next Door

Jessica shows off her go-to jeans and tank top in this girl-next-door look.  Makeup and Photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor.


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Look into my Eyes, A Self-Portrait


Look into my Eyes

Look into my eyes. What do you see? What do you feel?

Featuring Elizabeth Anne Taylor as herself. Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor.

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Teaser Pic: Kimberly Moore Dreams of New Year’s Eve

Kimberly Moore chats the night away with girlfriends at a slumber party and dreams of going out for New Year’s Eve in her elegant, floor-length gown. Enjoy this teaser pic of yesterday’s photo shoot. More photos and story to follow! Makeup and photography by Elizabeth Anne Taylor.

Kimberly relaxes at a girlie slumber party and dreams of going out New Year's Eve.

Kimberly relaxes with girlfriends at a slumber party and dreams of going out New Year’s Eve.

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Halloween Noir: Femme Fatale Dawn Dreams of Murder

Halloween Noir: Femme Fatale Dawn Dreams of Murder

For Halloween, Dawn will take on the role of a femme fatale intent on murdering her husband. How will our femme fatale kill her husband? Poison in the red wine with dinner? A butcher’s knife to his heart? Bludgeoned to death with a black stiletto? Or strangled with her trench coat belt?


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Testimonial: Dianna Experiences the Woman inside Her

I’ve spent over fifty years of my life as what is referred to today as a transgender person (secluded). When I was little I was considered a freak, called a “retard” and spent many years in child psychologist’s offices. When they made me “all better” I spent the next thirty years, sometimes denying but always hiding who I am. Still hidden, I’ve spent the last ten years in counseling learning about my true self and working through the choices I have at this late point in my life and to undo the previous forty years.

Albeit ever so cliche, in one afternoon Beth led me to experience the person who has always lived inside me, the woman I now know I’m able to be. The makeup lesson allowed me to share a weekend with my life partner as this amazing person. Beth even got me outside for the first “real” time to take a couple of photos. Beth is really an amazing, caring, compassionate, and extremely talented person. The worst part of the whole experience … the weekend ended!

My sincerest thanks Beth, please keep “being fabulous!”

See you soon,

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Sarah Smoothes her Skin, Builds her Confidence

Sarah has been struggling with skin issues for the past 30 years, ever since she developed melasma during her pregnancy. When we spoke on the phone, Sarah described patchy dark spots, white scars, and pitting that had taken their toll on her skin texture and appearance. She had been to makeup counters and watched YouTube videos yet hadn’t figured out how to work with her features and create the sun-kissed glow of J Lo that she desired. After finding me in a Google search, Sarah contacted me for a makeup lesson as she loved my work. Highly motivated, Sarah drove two hours each way for her makeup lesson on her day off.

We walked through Sarah’s products to determine which ones matched and would work with both her skin tone and uneven skin. We eliminated the products that didn’t match her skin tone and those that had a lot of luminosity, since shine brings attention to flaws in the skin. Then we set to work creating her matte look using moisturizer, foundation primer, concealer, foundation, creme eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, bronzer, blush, and lipstick.

After we finished her hands-on makeup lesson, Sarah looked stunned at how smooth her skin was with a hint of the bronze glow she craved. She confessed that she hated going to department store makeup counters, because they weren’t private and she didn’t like being on display for people to watch. The one-on-one private makeup lesson with me perfectly fit what she needed, she said.

Sarah, you looked beautiful today when you walked into my studio and you looked gorgeous after your makeup when you glowed with confidence. Keep up the confidence, girl, and rock you!

To being fabulous!

Elizabeth Taylor
Makeup Artist and Photographer

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Susan Poses for her Acupuncture Business, Tending Chi

I met Susan and Jude at the Keystone Conference 2014 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This summer, Susan asked me to take a professional portrait for her acupuncture business, Tending Chi, based in Maryland, and an updated portrait for Jude’s desk that showed off her naturally long hair. Susan selected light, business-appropriate makeup to make her skin more radiant. Full of positive energy, Susan has a passion for the environment, healthy living, and the transgender community. In fact, she even has a section of her website devoted to transgender care.

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