Create your Spring Makeup Look at my Next Makeup Party!

06 Mar

Allison selects a subtle, daytime look that would look perfect in spring!

Create your spring makeup look at my next makeup party! Make those eyes pop with spring colors, feminize your face with contouring, and create full, pouty lips. Arrive with your foundation already done and ready for color.

Who: Six trans-women and allies
What: Create your spring makeup look, feminize your face with contouring, and create pouty lips!
Where: Beth’s Makeover Studio, Alexandria, VA
When: Saturday, March 22, 7:30 p.m.
Why: To look and feel fabulous while meeting other girls and having fun!
How: Arrive with your foundation complete so you can start on your new color look right away! $10 donation requested to help cover expenses.
RSVP: Email me to reserve your space as guests are limited.

Having beautiful makeup on can make all of the difference! Come join us in developing your skills in applying color makeup and create your new look at my Makeup Makeover party at my trans-friendly studio in Alexandria! 

For this hands-on party, I’m only inviting six trans-women and allies so that we’ll have a safe and fun environment for learning about makeup.

There is a $10 donation at the door requested to help cover expenses for this makeup party, and everyone will get a makeup makeover! You’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favorite products to add to your beauty collection.

Come dressed as a woman or a man, passable or not passable. If you don’t have your own femme attire, you can borrow a wig, outfit, accessories, and shoes for the party with advance arrangement with me. You can also come early, starting at 7 p.m. and change here. Party will start at 7:30 p.m.

RSVP to me via email if you would like to attend, and I will send you the location details about two days before the event.

If you would like more information, send me an email at Or you can schedule a one-on-one makeup lesson or total makeover consultation!

Here’s to being fabulous, ladies!!!

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth (Beth) Taylor specializes in total makeovers, feminization and transformations for MtF crossdressers, bigender women, transgender women, and transsexual women and has transformed over 250 girls. Beth loves working with first-timers and helping girls to embrace their femininity and beauty. She helps girls grow their confidence and get involved in the DC Metro Area trans-women online and in-person communities if and when they are ready.


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