Self-esteem Building for Teenage Genetic Girl

16 Jan

I shook up my client expectations recently when I saw a GG teenager in my makeover studio. Super sweet, smart, and athletic, Dakota was facing self-esteem issues and wasn’t presenting herself in a way that showed she cared about her appearance. Her parents decided that a makeover and makeup lessons may help her improve her self-esteem and presentation style. After we found a fun outfit, shoes, and jewelry for her to wear from my studio that complimented her body shape, we worked on a makeup look for her. I gave her three options: an everyday look for school, a dramatic look for school dances, or a self-expression look to show her personality. Dakota chose to express herself with a purple, pink, and cream eye shadow palate accented with a purple eye crayon along with a pink lip crayon and lip jelly. She looked super cute and happy with her new outfit and makeup look!

Her hair puzzled me though. After a thorough brushing, her hair looked matted and greasy within 10 minutes even though she washed it daily. I found out she was using Suave and suggested she try upgrading to Pantene, Dove, or another middle-of-the-road shampoo and conditioner available at Walmart. The next week she returned after using Dove and her hair looked fabulous for a full 90 minutes instead of less than 10! What a boost for her self-esteem! She also learned to apply her makeup for a simple school look with tips on how to change up her look.

Dakota looked radiant in her photo shoot as the center of attention. After a couple of poses where she stood and sat kind of like a guy, I recommended some ways to feminize her posture. First, she put her feet together with a bit of an angle between them when standing and kept her ankles crossed when sitting. Next, she put her hand on her hip to help accentuate her curves and jutted out a hip on occasion. Third, she smiled and looked toward the camera with confidence. The next week we went out to Starbucks to show off her new fabulous look with confidence.

Dakota thrilled me with her excitement about learning about makeup and how to better present herself. A little coaching can go a long way. 🙂


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One response to “Self-esteem Building for Teenage Genetic Girl

  1. Jane D

    November 19, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    I identify as trans, am in the very early stages of a “later-in-life” MTF transition, and lately have been obsessing quite a bit about how passable I can be. My own attempts at makeup have been very unsophisticated and ultimately unsatisfying. I was thrilled to find Beth, and decided to go for a lengthy session of makeup lessons, makeover, wardrobe consult, and photo shoot, to see if this would help ease my mind.

    What transpired exceeded my wildest imagination. Beth is a warm, welcoming person who really understands T-girls. She has a tremendous gift for hospitality that put me immediately at ease, and I found her studio to be an incredibly safe space that allowed me to really embrace and express my femininity.

    The makeover is a truly intimate thing… you sit quite close, facing one another for a couple of hours, as Beth does her magic. I felt extraordinarily comfortable as we shared a little bit of our stories… she’s the first one outside of my therapist who has ever heard this part of mine!

    Beth is so encouraging… as she progressed through the stages of the makeover, it was wonderful for me to see how pleased and genuinely excited she was with the results. I was very concerned that my masculine features could not be softened…Beth gave my spirit a lift by observing that my face has a lot of wonderful feminine features, and she did a great job highlighting them.

    For the photo shoot, I wasn’t planning on wearing anything too special…I really was wanting to know what the “everyday girl” in me looked like. But all made up, I was feeling so beautiful, and (surprisingly to me) sexy, we both agreed that “hot” would be the order of the day. Beth encouraged me to upsize my breast forms, and together we agreed that a form-fitting LBD, stockings, 5-inch heels, and a stylish-yet-edgy wig were the way to go. We put on some dance music, and the photo shoot turned into an impromptu night at the club… I was feeling my feminine spirit in a way I have only imagined, and just had an incredible time posing for the camera.

    At the end of the session, we looked through the photos together. We had the presence of mind to do “before and after” shots, which really gave me a sense of the overall affect… it was profound. Beth’s makeup artistry is such a gift… her work reveals the beauty within, and I was absolutely thrilled with what I saw.

    But I have to say, beyond beauty, what I saw in the pictures more than anything was… happiness. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was so plainly evident… to be completely uninhibited, to be able to express the woman within with no reservation, and then to see it reflected in the smile on my face and the sparkle in my eyes… I felt validated. That which I have known, deep in my soul, to be true, was confirmed. The authentic life that I crave seems ever so much more possible.

    So, to sum up visit to Beth in a sentence: One of my best days, ever!

    Can’t wait to come back. Beth, you rock!



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