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Erica Shows off her Latest Looks!

Taylor-Erica-24MAY2014-9694 Taylor-Erica-24MAY2014-9692 Taylor-Erica-18MAY2014-9526 Taylor-Erica-18MAY2014-9519


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Adrianna looks radiant in pink and black

Adrianna loves accessorizing her black and white outfit with pale pink accessories. Adrianna and I had lots of fun talking about makeup, relationships, and clothes. She selected purple eyeshadows to bring out the green in her hazel eyes and a soft pink lipstick.

Taylor-Adrianna-7355123 Taylor-Adrianna-7330123 Taylor-Adrianna-7289123 Taylor-Adrianna-7440123 Taylor-Adrianna-7268123


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Roxane goes for subtle and sexy

Roxane shows off her beauty after her first makeover and total transformation ever. Since pink and purple are her favorite colors, she selected a bright pink top, black mini skirt, and black pumps with bows on the back. For makeup, she selected purple eyeshadows on a cream colored base to bring out the green in her hazel eyes and pink lipstick to keep with her desire for a subtle and sexy look.

Taylor-Roxane-7192 Taylor-Roxane-7070 Taylor-Roxane-7002


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Check out Allison’s Miniskirt Look!

In a departure from her jeans and maxi dress looks, Allison shows off her soft curves and gorgeous legs with a pink miniskirt, black camisole, black and silver heels, and a blonde bob. For her makeup look, Allison selected a neutral daytime look of chocolate kiss, spun silk, and hazelnut with coal eyeshadow used to line her eyes. She chose a soft pink shimmer lipstick to complete her gorgeous, GG look.







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Ginny loves her latest makeover with Elizabeth Taylor

“Thank you so much for my wonderful makeover this week! You’ve created yet another look for Ginny and make me feel so feminine and beautiful! You are a sweet and wonderful person who knows how to make a girl feel good. I just love visiting with you and look forward to seeing you again,

Love, Ginny”

Taylor-ginny-red-3 Taylor-ginny-red-6


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Yippee! I get to pose too!!!

Hurray! My friend, Julie, and I got ready for tgirlnation together Saturday and had a blast! I happily learned that Julie loves to take photos too! So here I am sporting the green tea and gold mine eye crayons with reflects gold glitter dabbed onto the lid. I pressed coal eye shadow into my lash line and water line to develop drama. After curling my eyelashes with my multi-step, walk-it-out technique, I applied multiple layers of waterproof lash love mascara to set the curl and add volume and drama. I used soft blush lip liner with pink luster lip gloss and set my look with finishing spray. Then I had tons of fun posing while Julie shot photos. Thank you, Julie, for a fun night!











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Lizzy celebrates her birthday with a makeover!

Lizzy pampered herself for her birthday with her first makeover and transformation ever! When she looked in the mirror, her beauty surprised her. She said her looks far exceeded her own dreams of what she’d look like as a woman. Happy birthday, Lizzy! To many more girlie birthday celebrations!

Taylor-Lizzy-0907 Taylor-Lizzy-0754
Taylor-Lizzy-0988Taylor-Lizzy-1065 Taylor-Lizzy-1049 Taylor-Lizzy-1042 Taylor-Lizzy-1017

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